Hand-Crafted Artisan Jewelry by Robert Manse Designs on Etsy

With the holidays right around the corner, jewelry designer/television personality Robert Manse is proud to feature local Balinese and Indian Artisan made jewelry creations exclusively on Etsy.  “Cottage Industry” workshops were discovered during his routine business trips to Bali featuring hand-carved necklaces, earrings and pendants completely hand-sculpted using wood, polished brass and carved cow bone. The origins of many of these artisans span generations. In addition to being forged by hand in Bali, the brass “Wonder Woman” cuffs have been sculpted in small villages in India.

Best described as Indio-bohemian in style, these artisan creations are limited in quantity. Act now, because when they’re gone – they’re gone! Buy unique hand-crafted Robert Manse Designs jewelry on Etsy today!

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a worldwide e-commerce platform featuring on a wide range of handmade or vintage products, as well as unique factory-manufactured goods. The site follows in the tradition of open craft fairs, giving sellers personal storefronts where they list their goods. As of 2016, Etsy has over 32 million active buyers. Its overall sales are estimated at approximately $2.85 billion dollars, with nearly forty percent being completed on mobile devices. On Etsy, people are literally buying or selling from almost every country on the planet*.

More about Jewelry Designer Robert Manse

A New York City native, designer Robert Manse has been captivated with jewelry since he was a young boy. His first job in Manhattan was with a diamond jewelry manufacturer in Midtown Manhattan where he learned how to enchant his customers by providing quality jewelry at attainable prices. Over the course of many years, Robert was taken under the wing of two Master Designers who taught him the art of making fine and unique jewelry in the U.S. and abroad.

With over twenty-five plus years of expertise, he has designed several successful high-end jewelry brands and his lines have been showcased at some of the world’s top luxury retailers. From glamorous red-carpet looks to exotic hand-crafted silver creations, Robert Manse has customized jewelry for and dressed many a celebrity in his unique wearable art. Showcasing his collections at retailers and TV stations worldwide, he has traveled to some of the most exotic locales in search of the most passionate and skilled craftsmen and jewelers to bring his spectacular creations to life. From India to Hong Kong and Thailand to Bali, seeking the perfect balance of world-class gemstones and metals, keeping wear-ability and comfort in mind, Robert designs fashion-forward yet classic designs with bold color or material combinations. This is his never-ending passion.

*All information from Etsy website.