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Shopping for jewelry from HIS point of view.

“It’s a Man’s World,” a recent video from the bridal publication and online wedding portal Engagement 101, provides insights and tips about shopping for jewelry from the man’s point of view. This short video is full of advice for the guy that may be nervous or unsure with a jewelry, wedding band or engagement ring purchase. “It’s a Man’s World” has practical information that any man can use.

Here’s more in-depth information from Engagement 101:

The newest episode of Engagement 101 TV is all about men. The webisode delves into several manly topics, such as who should pick out the engagement ring (the guy or the girl), what guys like about women and what they do when they want to turn on a little romance.

The video features several well-known jewelry designers, such as Rick Mulholland from Novell*, Mark Schneider from Mark Schneider Designs, Berge Abajian from Bergio and William Pung from Parade.

Shant Hovsepian from Danhov gives a little advice for clueless guys going engagement ring shopping, while Abe Abaci from Gelin Abaci talks about how he knows what women want.

The episode also includes several street interviews from average guys who talk candidly about love and making that daring step toward commitment.

*Disclosure – Novell is an advertiser with Engagement 101.

Charity bracelet benefits PAWS.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, has created a fun and versatile bracelet to help benefit PAWS, which stands for Pet Adoption and Welfare Services. While charity usually begins at everyone’s local level, this Murphreesboro, Tennessee-based organization strives to create a safe environment for both animals and people alike. PAWS also keeps an eye on local animal laws and the overall humane treatment of our little friends.

This charity bracelet is a sexy red silk chord with a nice sized14kt gold bead, and can be adjusted to fit most common wrist sizes. It can be worn with your fancy diamonds or to compliment your favorite jeans on a sunny afternoon. Don’t forget – 10% of each bracelet sold goes to assist the furry little critters of the land.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.