Daily Archives: June 18, 2010

For Novell wedding band retailers – WhereToGetEngaged.com.


A note from Novell’s Marketing Director Rick Mulholland:

Novell has recently added a profile to a great up-and-coming bridal website – WhereToGetEngaged.com. I am a big fan of this website as it is much less cluttered than TheKnot.com or Brides.com, and they really seem to understand what an advertisers needs are as far as tools for social networking. I have added the top wedding bands that Novell will be promoting over the next year. The latest and greatest Novell products, such as TATU wedding bands and our new bridal jewelry collection, will also be added in the near future as well. One nice feature is that retailers can also create a profile, link to Novell as a vendor, and even have the ability to highlight products that are for sale. For these reasons, I encourage every one of Novell’s referred retailers to link to us on WhereToGetEngaged.com, as well as our Facebook page, too.

Here are the links:

Novell on WhereToGetEngaged.com – http://www.wheretogetengaged.com/m22005-Novell-Design-Studio.html  

Novell on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Novell-Design-Studio/45691939078  

Retailers needing more information can go right here – http://www.wheretogetengaged.com/frontpage/referral/22005