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Men’s Wedding Day Fashion Tips


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It is important to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you have to do it while making sure to not outshine your bride. Choosing the perfect tuxedo, shoes, and even haircut might be a hard decision to make on your own. But – not to worry! TheKnot.com presents an abundance of wedding day fashion advice in their article – 6 Fashion Rules for Groom.

Top Bachelor Party Destinations in North America

The bachelor party is probably the best part about the wedding planning process for the groom. As some  would say – it’s his last bit of freedom . So how do you make it epic? I mean – REALLY epic?

There are a million different places to have a bachelor party, so how will you decide? If you need a little help, The Plunge is giving the top 10 Bachelor Party Locations in North America. Check it out!

Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day Tuxedo

Wedding tuxedo

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Weddings aren’t always all about the bride. It is super important that the groom gets to have his way as well. Why not start with the tuxedo? TheKnot.com’s article How to Personalize Your Tuxedo provides a few fashion pointers to ensure that your tuxedo is just as stunning as you. After all, you are the second most important person on your wedding day. So be sure to add a little bit of YOU!