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What Do You Worry About When Traveling?

Traveling is fun. But traveling is also stressful. According to MarketingProfs.com*, consumers have said dealing with delayed flights and cancelled flights are the most stressful part of traveling. Along with delays and cancellations, trying to find a good flight price, having to deal with crowds and luggage are also on travelers’ minds.

Over 2,000 travelers were surveyed, and all intended to travel within the next year. Here are the top rated travel stresses and peeves:

  • 66.6% worry about flight cancellations or delays
  • 38% worry about finding the best price for a flight
  • 37.2% are concerned about illness or injury affecting travel plans
  • 36.1% have anxiety related to crowds and congestion
  • 27.1% worry about luggage size issues

Yikes! And if the stress towards per-flight issues are not enough, here’s what travelers get annoyed with about after boarding the plane:

  • 56.8% get angry with repeated seat kickers behind them
  • 33.5% worry about people in front reclining their seat
  • 32.1% dislike loud passengers
  • 25.5% dislike babies crying during the flight
  • 24.5% worry about overhead bin space for their bag
  • 18.7% get upset with aisle cloggers
  • 15.6% get upset by passengers who leave a mess in the lavatory

If you plan on going on a honeymoon or want a destination wedding, most likely you’ll have to board a plane. Hopefully you can address some of the worries and fears associated with traveling ahead of time.

The truth is – nothing is as bad as it seems. A glass of wine or simple breathing exercises may be all you need to get through the hard parts of traveling. Remember – we’re only here once, so try and enjoy each day!

Happy Traveling!