Novell Retailer Jay Roberts Featured on CBS Philly

Engagement ring sales at Jay Roberts Jewelers – one of Jersey’s best jewelry retailers – are through the roof.

They’ve recently been featured on CBS Philly:

It turns out love is in the air, as many couples who have been staying at home together are deciding to make it official and put a ring on it. People have been cooped up for months and now, it appears love can blossom under those circumstances.

Time is of the essence as people waiting to profess their love refuse to waste any more of it.

“It’s at least double than we’ve seen in the last couple years,” Jay Golde, of Jay Roberts Jewelers, said.

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They also have seen couples that are going straight for wedding bands without the engagement.

Of all the things that have changed over the past few months due to corona virus, the tradition of courting and couples in the spring is still going strong.

People still want to get married!

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