10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Belize


In case you didn’t know, Belize is a small coastal country in Central America. After reviewing and featuring dozens upon dozens of honeymoon or vacation destinations, we’ve found that Belize is a lesser-known treasure. It’s easy to get to and very affordable. So when considering your perfect honeymoon spot – why not put Belize on your list?

Here are ten facts that you probably didn’t know about this very cool country:

  1. As of February, 2016, the Belize currency exchange is extremely easy for American visitors. The Belize dollar is locked at $2 Belize for every $1 USD. Basically – you double your money. So it’s pretty simple to see how much something costs in USD when you go shopping.
  2. Almost everyone speaks English in Belize; it’s the only English language-speaking country in Central America. While English is the official language of Belize, Kriol is the language that the natives all speak as well. So save your money on that online Spanish class. You’ll be able to communicate just fine!
  3. The climate is always just right! With an average yearly temperature of 84° F (29°C), it’s always warm, yet still comfortable. Costal sea breezes along with jungle rain forests keep you cool even in the hottest summer months. Even in winter (November-March) the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 60°F (16°C), while the summer (May-September) is around 86°F (30°C). Worried about your hair frizzing? Humidity is also fairly consistent at around 85 percent. Overall, the climate is pretty much near perfect. So don’t pack your boots or mittens. It’s all flip-flops and shorts.
  4. Like cats? I mean – really BIG cats? Belize has the only Jaguar reserve in the world, otherwise known as Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.
  5. Like fast food? Sorry, you may be out of luck. Popular franchises such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King cannot be found. You’ll have to stick with fresh local food and great weather. A typical Belizean lunch might include tamales, meat pies, seafood, cassava, garnaches (fried tortillas with beans, cheese and sauce), panades (fried maize shells with beans or fish), chirmole (soup), coleslaw, escabeche (onion soup) and vegetables
  6. Do you snorkel or scuba dive? The Barrier Reef is Belize’s top tourist destination and in 2014, it attracted over 300,000 visitors, which is about the same as the official population of the country. The reef is also vital to Belize’s fishing industry.
  7. Are you a bird watcher? Over 540 species of our little feathered friends have been recorded in Belize.
  8. Get your monkey on! Belize’s Black Howler Monkeys are one of the top 10 loudest animals in the world.
  9. There are two seasons in Belize – rainy season (May to November) and dry season (February to May).
  10. Whale sharks, which are harmless to humans, are also spotted in Belize waters. The best time to watch for them is in the spring. Whale sharks are actually quite gentle and can be playful with divers. See? Not all sharks are man-eaters. The biggest risk associated with swimming with whale sharks is being accidentally hit with one of their big tail fins. Keep your eyes open!

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Big Buzz for Mayan Marriage of Many on 12-12-12!


Are you looking for the wedding of a lifetime? Well here it is! The Mayan Marriage of Many will bring together 36 lucky couples to be married on 12-12-12 in Belize. This unique wedding package really is one of a kind, as the brides and grooms to be will be wedded on sacred Mayan grounds and temples. Recently Bridal Buzz gave this event coverage; a Dallas-area couple was selected as a prize winner for the Mayan Marriage of Many giveaway. Local residents may attend a special cocktail party to help a lucky couple celebrate winning a trip to Belize for this truly special event. You just gotta love it!

When Blushing Bride Boutique in Frisco was asked by Influency Group to locate a couple to participate in their contest to win a wedding in the Mayan Mountains of Belize they jumped at the chance.  And now, that couple has either won the grand prize or a runner-up package and the world will find out which it is on the morning of February 13.

So, what does all this have to do with you? Well, to celebrate the couple, Romantic Travel Belize is hosting a cocktail reception event from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. the evening of February 13 at the historic Frisco Heritage Center Depot and it is open to the public.

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Photography: Jose Luis Zapata Photography

Belize: An Affordable Slice of Paradise


Once the wedding is over, the ice sculpture has melted and the gifts have been safely put away, it’s obviously time for the honeymoon. But with today’s challenging economy, traveling to a far off exotic location may be difficult. Flights can be very long and very expensive, and once you get there the costs might keep piling up. There’s almost no end in sight! However, when planning a trip to the honeymoon destination of your choice, you may wish to consider visiting Belize. It’s beautiful, affordable and home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, so you can forget having to travel all day across the globe for a top notch diving experience. And what could be more unusual, more cutting edge, more chic than a visit to the Mayan Ruins of Belize! Can you think of a more romantic way to spend a night of your honeymoon while on top of a Mayan Temple? Wow! That sounds magical and brilliant! Where do I sign up?


As far as travel goes, Belize is just a brief flight from Houston, Dallas, Miami or Atlanta; you can catch the approximately two hour flight daily from either of these gateway cities. Also, if the hustle and bustle of city life is getting you down, then you definitely want to keep Belize in mind. Apparently there are only four – count ‘em FOUR – traffic lights among the 300,000 citizens. English is this land’s official language, but you can also break out your High School Spanish or Kriol if you want. And ladies, don’t forget the proper swimwear! Belize is home to fabulous beaches and beautiful waters.


Overall, Belize offers a safe visit to paradise, and the 2:1 currency exchange ratio (one US dollar equals two Belize dollars) can work in your favor, too. See? Tropical bliss does not have to break the bank! Keep in mind that the overall climate is generally cooler than most of the surrounding countries, so if sweating is NOT your thing, you have a fairly good chance at remaining reasonably comfortable during your journey. Consider Belize your own little cost effective slice of heaven that’s just a hop, skip and jump away from some of the United States’ travel hubs.

For more information, please visit Romantic Travel Association of Belize.

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