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If you find yourself being drawn to the world of watches, or even jewelry in general, then you’ll want to follow Industry pro Barbara Palumbo puts together her very unique and not-very-shy perspective on the world of ladies’ watches.

Guys – do you often wonder what a lady may think of a certain watch brand or style? also offers opinions on men’s watches as well.

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Novell’s GAME featured on

Platinum ring, the official website for leading jewelry trade publication In Store, features Novell’s GAME in their Industry Announcements section.

“Novell Design Studio’s Great American Metal Exchange (GAME) program allows qualified jewelry stores to trade in unusable precious metals for Novell’s new Studio Platinum bridal-classics collection. It’s a weight exchange with a minimal program fee. Acceptable precious metals for this special opportunity are platinum, gold, and palladium.  Is there a better way and time to profit from your under-performing, broken, and damaged merchandise? The GAME is a meticulously planned and executed bridal jewelry stimulus package. It meets the challenges of the hard economy head on!”

Read more of Novell’s GAME Puts Affordable Platinum in Jewelry Stores.

The Jewelry Book is available as a free PDF download.

Read The Jewelry Book for the latest jewelry trends and information.


The latest issue of The Jewelry Book is now available online. Visit to check it out! The Jewelry Book is an excellent resource for the latest jewelry designers and jewelry articles.

You can also view this issue in flip book format.

If you are looking for wedding bands, see our latest and greatest wedding band styles at

More about Novell Wedding Bands

Thirty-one years of award winning wedding band designs – trending and changing like the people who wear them.

Novell Select represents the very best and most popular work we’ve done by combining bands from our Max Patrick, Z*ART, NQP, and core Novell Collections.

With over 20,000 wedding band designs in our catalogue of work, we’ve streamlined the selection process by cherry picking styles and creating groups.

They are:

INSIDE OUT bands are one color on the inside and another on the outside. For example, signature designs for men are typically rose gold on the inside and white gold or platinum on the outside. This ever-expanding category is one of our most popular and offers designs from uncomplicated to intricate. For manufacturing and plating reasons, INSIDE OUT bands are only available in precious metal.

COLORS is a blend of designs that are popular in yellow, rose, two- or three-tone gold. Everyday jewelry is being redefined in bursts of color. And wedding bands are no exception. This is our fastest growing category!

DIAMOND bands bring stone to precious metal. Whether understated or serious-statement designs, somewhere in this collection is a band for that distinctive men’s diamond band customer. Many of the DIAMOND designs are available as alloy or silver samples.

ORGANICS are hand-forged-background textures that can be put on Novell precious-metal bands. From sand to lava, tree bark to ravine, supple to severe, organics speaks to those who identify with one of the many moods of Mother Earth

CIRCLES bands are stackable in groups or used as spacers. Shapes and textures are made by machine and by hand with over thirty choices and so many combinations that you – or your customer – will never really have to make up their mind. Diversity is a state of jewelry.

• Our TOP 20 wedding band designs literally never go out of style. See a design but want it in a different width? How about a different finish? Or maybe even add diamonds, change them or take them away? Just ask! Almost all wedding band designs can be made in platinum, palladium or gold.

TRENDING are the top selling designs in the SELECT Collection. As real-world trending of styles changes, so does this collection, although a lot of our most popular designs stand the test of time. Excellence is always in fashion.

ALTROm is a special alternative metal collection and the result of our affiliation with HEAVY STONE RINGS in Utah. It includes bands made from diverse materials such as wood, cobalt, carbon fiber, titanium, etc., often combined with precious metal.

What is Novell’s Custom Shop?

Novell is extremely excited to introduce our new Custom Shop division, where our state of the art manufacturing facility brings the independent retail jeweler an easy way to say – “Yes, I can custom make that for you.”

Custom Shop offers 3D printing, so your customers can try on their jewelry before it’s put into production. Here are more Custom Shop capabilities:

• We provide price quotes and CAD renderings within forty-eight hours for customer approval.
• Finished pieces are delivered within three to four weeks.
• Every creation is 100% made in America, so there’s no waiting for your order to arrive from overseas.
• Our domestic manufacturing muscle, with casting facilities, an extensive machine shop, and a skilled hand fabricating staff, gives our authorized retailers a clear path to market advantage.
• Some of our other technologies include casting, mold making, machine fabricating, finishing, setting, jewelry work, restoration, engraving, braiding and plating.

Interested retailers can call 888-668-3551 for more information.

Are you a consumer wanting to have a piece of jewelry custom made? Please contact one of our authorized retailers and tell them you want Custom Shop to make your jewelry dream come true.

Make it easy on your jeweler, and give them a copy of our informative brochure.

Below are actual designs specially created by Custom Shop.

Novell wedding bands at Charleston Alexander jewelry event!

Charles Alexander Diamond Importers

Charleston Alexander Diamond Importers is hosting the biggest diamond, diamond studs, wedding bands and finished jewelry event of the year! One of the best jewelry retailers in the Mid-Atlantic region is offering 20% – 50% off during this three day trunk show. View over 30 jewelry designers in the Charleston Alexander showrooms – including Novell wedding bands!

Charleston Alexander features the largest selection of diamonds and bridal designs on the East Coast. The upcoming designer trunk show will showcase over 1,000 pairs of diamond studs, over 2,000 settings for wedding bands, and over 3,000 loose certified diamonds.

7845 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda MD
5924 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA

Friday December 3, 10am to 10pm
Saturday December 4, 10am to 10pm
Sunday December 5, 10am to 6pm

Additional event details are available online:

See Novell on The Jewelry Industry Facebook page.

A new Facebook page entitled The Jewelry Industry has recently been launched. The Jewelry Industry will cover the latest jewelry products and news. Highlighted on this page are some of Novell’s best selling wedding bands, links to the Top 200 jewelry Internet retailers, authorized Novell retailers, ‘til Death .925 sterling silver jewelry and much more. This Facebook page is brand new and growing daily.

Join The Jewelry Industry Facebook page.

The Jewelry Industry Facebook page.

RSS for Jewelry Blogs features the Novell wedding band blog.

Sometimes shopping for wedding bands can be an uneasy task, especially if you do not know where to start. Novell’s wedding band blog is a featured blog on a new Squidoo lens – RSS from Jewelry Blogs. RSS from Jewelry Blogs collects feeds from some of the leading regional jewelry blogs and connects to them in one convenient place. It’s just a simple page with links that can be a useful tool for the future bride or groom that needs a good place to start.

Visit RSS for Jewelry Blogs.

Charity bracelet benefits PAWS.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, has created a fun and versatile bracelet to help benefit PAWS, which stands for Pet Adoption and Welfare Services. While charity usually begins at everyone’s local level, this Murphreesboro, Tennessee-based organization strives to create a safe environment for both animals and people alike. PAWS also keeps an eye on local animal laws and the overall humane treatment of our little friends.

This charity bracelet is a sexy red silk chord with a nice sized14kt gold bead, and can be adjusted to fit most common wrist sizes. It can be worn with your fancy diamonds or to compliment your favorite jeans on a sunny afternoon. Don’t forget – 10% of each bracelet sold goes to assist the furry little critters of the land.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.

Jewelry blog features Jewelry Made in America article.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, highlights The Jewelry Book’s special feature – “Jewelry Made in America.” Novell has for a long time believed that the “Made in America” theme has a pronounced and longstanding value for domestic jewelry manufacturers as a whole; it is an important issue and a strong selling point in an age of inferior imported jewelry products. “Made in America” should without a doubt equate to quality jewelry for consumers that may be battling through a tough economy.

You can read the entire article entitled “The Jewelry Book: all for ‘Made in America’” on Gem Gossip.

Along with Novell, the blog posting also mentions fellow American jewelry designers/manufacturers Alex Sepkus, Mark Patterson and Jack Abraham. The entire issue of The Jewelry Book and be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF version.

Novell and The Jewelry Book start the “Jewelry Made in America” initiative.

American wedding ring manufacturer Novell Design Studio, in co-operation with jewelry industry trade publication The Jewelry Book, announces a new and forward-thinking initiative – “Jewelry Made in America.” The focus of “Jewelry Made in America” is to help promote designers and manufacturers that can proudly claim that their products are fabricated in the United States, and not imported as finished goods from abroad.

Read more in “The ‘Jewelry Made in America’ Initiative.”

Jewelry industry – meet Facebook! Facebook – meet the jewelry industry!

This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

Facebook_logo JCK Magazine’s Mark Smelzer wrote about the jewelry industry beginning to embrace Facebook. Since I have a pretty strong opinion on this subject, I have a lot to say and posted a response to the online article. However, my comments formatted into one giant blob-of-a-paragraph. The message is there, but it’s not easy to follow.

So, in case anyone is interested, below are the relevant parts of Mark’s article, and my response – formatted so it’s easier to read.

The Facebook Era Arrives
By Mark Smelzer — JCK-Jewelers Circular Keystone, 3/1/2009
I’ve just returned from Tucson, Ariz., where I attended the Centurion show and the AGTA show. As always, the warmth of Tucson (figuratively and literally) was a terrific escape and the trip was a chance to see our friends in the industry. Topic No. 1, of course, was the economy and its continuing negative impact on the jewelry industry.

Amid the concerns, there were several fascinating topics of conversation, the most interesting being the rise of Facebook. Suddenly, everyone in the industry is talking about the hugely successful networking site and its impact on their personal and professional lives.
For an industry that once lagged behind the population as a whole with regard to the Internet, it seems we’re finally catching up.’s traffic numbers continue to boom, with 162,000 unique visitors (individual persons) visiting our site in the month of January alone, our highest monthly traffic ever!

There is a particular sense of a watershed moment with regard to Facebook. It’s one thing for members of our industry to recognize the strategic importance of the Web. It’s quite another for them to incorporate the Internet into their daily personal lives. Through the use of this site and others, we’re finally realizing the role that the Internet plays for millions.

What does this mean to you, the retailer or manufacturer? It means that once again the paradigm has shifted (recall the shift from weekly magazines like Life to television), and once again you need to position yourselves where the traffic is.

Step 1 should be creating personal and business Facebook pages. Once you have a personal page, you can create a page for your business as well. As your network of friends grows on your personal page (you’ll be astonished at how quickly the numbers add up), you can invite them to become a “fan” of your business page as well. As your business fans grow, you’ll have a ready-made list of persons to e-mail on a continuing basis, to inform them of events, charity involvements, trunk shows, new product arrivals, etc.

None of this takes the place of your store or business’s actual Web site. In fact, you want to place as many links (and reasons to link) to your Web site as possible on your business Facebook page. Think of a Facebook page as plopping yourself in the middle of a busy freeway, in the hope of diverting traffic to your site. Go where the traffic is!


My response:
The Facebook era not only has begun, but it probably can be said that it started a while ago, and it’s pretty much just now starting to be talked about in the jewelry industry. This is a good thing. Maybe even a great thing!

In an age where people like me are asked to either greatly reduce, reserve or even eliminate budgets, tools like Facebook are very valuable. Yes – it’s where the traffic certainly is. However, it should be noted that connecting with the right audience may take quite a bit of work. One page alone may not attract customers to your door automatically.

Novell put up a Facebook page about three weeks ago ( Over the next few months, I anticipate that I will have to put in a decent amount of time to really get it noticed. In fact, I may even say that promoting Novell wedding rings through a variety of social media channels (blogs, message boards, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Digg, Flickr and many other news and linking websites) will be a big – if not the biggest – part of my job. If you wanna catch a lot of fish, then you definitely have to put your boat where the most fish are. And, of course, have the right bait. 

I am very happy to be hearing buzz within the jewelry industry about Facebook and social media in general. I look forward to the day when more manufacturers and retailers make an active presence known to existing and future customers alike. Personally, I want to be next to my competitors on many platforms. That way, consumers can easily compare and choose the manufacturer, product or even metal that’s right for them.

People like to use the term “branding,” but often I wonder if many of those who throw the term into conversations really truly know what “branding” is. At least with Facebook, your message needs to be clear and focused for it to have a chance to work. Even with my page, I know that I have a lot of tweaking to do as well. It looks to be a fun – and educating – journey to take.

“Good-bye” to relying on print ads and glossy brochures alone. “Hello” to more focused and multi-channeled messages.


Bride endorses new wedding song.

SImnger Jacqui NaylorOver on’s bridal message boards, future brides have been chatting about new wedding songs and making suggestions. And one gives “Celebrate Early and Often” – a new wedding song for a new wedding generation – a ringing endorsement.

She writes (as of March 4, 2009):
“Hello Everyone! I heard this song and fell in love with it – “Celebrate Early and Often.”
 I thought it was cool that the artist wrote it for her own wedding! It kicks into the perfect feeling after about a minute into the song and I can picture myself dancing to it with my soon to be hubby. 7 months to go! …Michelle

Read more about, listen to and/or buy the song “Celebrate Early and Often.”

Platinum Emboldens Inspiration: Discussing the state of platinum in today’s challenging economy.


“In This Challenging Economy,
Jewelers Want To Sell Products
That Capture The Consumer’s Jewelry Budget.”
– Bruce Pucciarello

This article first appeared in the jewelry industry trade publicationThe Jewelry Book:

There’s no metal that better signifies love and commitment—or strength, purity, luxury and longevity. Since 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) has recreated a passion for platinum jewelry by supplying information, practical advice, support and expertise to educate jewelry manufacturers, retailers and consumers about the superior qualities of this metal. As PGI evaluates the market, they get the word out about platinum and help businesses tap the endless power of the platinum brand. PGI-USA has chosen to highlight some of the leading manufacturers of platinum jewelry. For the first in a series about the industry’s most inspired leaders, The Jewelry Book spoke with Bruce Pucciarello of Novell Design Studio.

by Jessica Teisch for The Jewelry Book

Platinum has captivated Bruce Pucciarello, owner of Novell Design Studio, since he was eighteen years old. At that time, he was working at a big New Jersey manufacturer working in the precious stone cutting department, crafting bridal products on the precision-engineered, Swiss machinery. “I liked the designing and technical expertise that go into the manufacture of a quality product,” says Bruce. “It’s a wonderful combination of art and engineering, with always something new to learn.” In 1986, after gaining further experience as a designer and machinist (and following a side career as a professional musician), Bruce joined forces with Victor Novogrodsky and founded Novell Design Studio in New Jersey. Today, Novell, a high quality, made in America jewelry manufacturer specializing in bridal jewelry and bands, is renowned for its flexible customization capabilities.   
Novell started to specialize in platinum in 1988—and this metal soon defined the company’s core. Novell first designed some 18 karat gold rings with platinum inserts, which increased the average men’s band profit. “Our retailers liked that and so did we,” says Bruce. “Once we started making jewelry in platinum,” he continues, “there was never a good reason for us to stop.” After two decades of experience, platinum has become the hallmark of Novell’s manufacturing facility. “As we became more adept at working in platinum,” Bruce explains, “we realized that any time we develop a new design or concept, we had to make sure that it works in platinum.” Novell works platinum into every style and discipline, from machine-made to hand crafting and casting. Novell has distinguished itself so greatly in platinum that its craftspeople prefer to work with this metal over any other.

Because of the superior qualities of platinum and its success using it, Novell remains firmly committed to this metal—not only for its purity, durability and strength, but also for the market it continues to generate. “Technology makes platinum more viable than ever,” Bruce explains. “It doesn’t matter whether platinum costs $800 or $2300 an ounce; there’s a strong market for platinum jewelry, especially bridal.” When important retailers respond to consumer’s desire to purchase platinum, they sell more and increase profitability. “In this challenging economy,” Bruce stresses, “retail jewelers need to sell products that capture every penny from a consumer’s jewelry budget.” Platinum, unlike other metals, “helps smart stores get at that profit.” Manufacturers also benefit from platinum sales: they become better manufacturing facilities because they have to improve their overall level of expertise in order to craft finer platinum jewelry.
Bruce finds that with platinum, success and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. “As long as we can make available almost any piece of jewelry in any kind of metal, we will continue to lead with platinum,” says Bruce. In this economy, that’s no mean feat. With its cutting-edge technologies and ingenuity, Novell “wrote a new list of rules, Bruce explains, which dispelled many myths about platinum, such as its difficulty to work with and its high cost. All our rules start with the words – we can. . .”
That attitude, Bruce stresses, is key to succeeding in this difficult economy—as are other factors. The new economy will demand better customer service, quality products and a price that makes sense.  Bruce sees creating jewelry in platinum as a great foundation for the successful manufacturer in this new business world. Unfortunately, Bruce laments, “there will be no rescue plan for the jewelry industry. We need to work it out”—that is, we must strengthen local American companies and communities, with fair work and fair pay—“and not a bail out.” Instead of the Golden Rule (“he, who makes the gold, makes the rules”), Bruce posits the Platinum Rule as a guiding principle: “He who works effectively, and labors to make a durable product that is also an object of beauty, will thrive. That is the future of American jewelry manufacturing, so he makes the rules. He, who has the platinum, has the tools!” For the jewelry industry, there’s no greater truth for the New Year.


Jewelry news – Huge diamond hailed as record breaker.

A diamond unearthed in the southern African nation of Lesotho could yield one of the largest and highest quality round polished diamonds, according to a statement from company that found it. A mining company unearthed this 478-carat diamond in the southern African nation of Lesotho.

Experts in Antwerp, Belgium who analyzed the 478-carat stone determined it to be of the highest color grading available for a white diamond, said a statement from Gem Diamonds Ltd., the company that found the stone.

“What makes it more remarkable is the color and quality of this stone,” said diamond consultant Neil Buxton.

“It’s a D color, which is the highest possible graded color you can get, and we believe there is a chance — a very good chance — of getting a 100-carat plus” round stone with the highest color and clarity rankings.

Read more of “Huge diamond hailed as record breaker“…

Report: Bridal market to reach $9.2 billion by 2013

Platinum_wedding_ring_2From National Jeweler Network:

Tucson, Ariz.—A new report by a market research Web site for the wedding industry shows that engagement and wedding ring sales are slated to increase 13.4 percent over the next five years.

According to, engagement ring spending will total $6.1 billion in the United States in 2008, with another $2 billion in spending on wedding rings for brides and grooms.

This $8.1 billion bridal market will increase to $9.2 billion by 2013, a growth of 13.4 percent over five years.

The vast majority of both engagement and wedding rings will contain diamonds, and more than two-thirds will be white gold.

The report also sheds some light on the habits of those popping the question.

According to the report, December is the most popular month for engagements, and Saturday is the most popular day for popping the question.

Couples typically begin their bridal ring research more than six months before their wedding, with style and cost the top two factors influencing their purchasing decision.

Read more about the bridal market 9.2 billion dollar forecast