Jewelry Made in America

Classic sterling silver bangle bracelet that is made in America.

Novell has teamed with Susan Blake Jewelry to help continue her tradition of creating some really unique fashion jewelry. And in keeping with Novell’s jewelry that’s made in America theme, here is a pretty cool gift idea for a bridesmaid, wife, girlfriend, Valentine’s day love or even a mother for Mother’s Day. I simply love this bracelet’s timeless look and the simplicity of the design. You can never go wrong with a piece of jewelry like this! A classic bangle bracelet that can be worn on any occassion.



Look what is available over at Sam’s Club – a stunning sterling silver hook and eye bangle bracelet with 18KT gold and diamond accents. The diamonds are set near the top clasp and have an approximate .03 total carat weight. This gorgeous handcrafted bracelet complements a variety of styles ranging from casual dress to more formal evening wear. Its high polished look coupled with a satin finish is simply perfect for any occasion. This bangle bracelet is also a nice variation on the classic hook-and-eye theme. And it’s also made in America!

Jewelry blog features Jewelry Made in America article.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, highlights The Jewelry Book’s special feature – “Jewelry Made in America.” Novell has for a long time believed that the “Made in America” theme has a pronounced and longstanding value for domestic jewelry manufacturers as a whole; it is an important issue and a strong selling point in an age of inferior imported jewelry products. “Made in America” should without a doubt equate to quality jewelry for consumers that may be battling through a tough economy.

You can read the entire article entitled “The Jewelry Book: all for ‘Made in America’” on Gem Gossip.

Along with Novell, the blog posting also mentions fellow American jewelry designers/manufacturers Alex Sepkus, Mark Patterson and Jack Abraham. The entire issue of The Jewelry Book and be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF version.

Novell and The Jewelry Book start the “Jewelry Made in America” initiative.

American wedding ring manufacturer Novell Design Studio, in co-operation with jewelry industry trade publication The Jewelry Book, announces a new and forward-thinking initiative – “Jewelry Made in America.” The focus of “Jewelry Made in America” is to help promote designers and manufacturers that can proudly claim that their products are fabricated in the United States, and not imported as finished goods from abroad.

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