Thoughts about choosing a tungsten wedding band.

Top online retailer Amazon.com, the extremely popular website that sells everything from books to jewelry and beyond, regularly highlights best selling items in each of it most popular categories. And as jewelry industry expert Cheryl Kremkow recently pointed out on Twitter, “…only two of twenty five items on Amazon’s bestseller jewelry list are above $50, [with the] top price [being] $59.99 for small gold hoops.” So with today’s economic condition, consumers for Amazon.com are looking to purchase moderately priced jewelry items.

An interesting item to notice is a featured tungsten carbide wedding band that is selling for just $49.99. The highlighted design is 8mm wide and has a carbon inlayed center. There is a similar design with a beveled edge selling on Amazon.com for even less – $39.99. However, TungstenWorld.com has a very similar design priced at $179.00.

So maybe the question is this – what is the true value of similar tungsten wedding band products? If all of these items are truly similar (i.e. the same weight, millimeter and features), why does the price range from $39.99 to $179.00? And at first glance, weight and thickness difference do not seem to vary with the common tungsten wedding band styles being featured online today.

Precious metal wedding bands can certainly be sold at different weights or thicknesses with varying prices but not with the disparity in prices of Tungsten.