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If It’s Your Wedding Day – Shouldn’t It Be Your Wedding Song? can easily create a one-of-a-kind wedding song from your vows, love letters, poems, or the memories that lead up to your special day.

Your own words – not a wedding song written for someone else. Say exactly what you want to say!

Your wedding song -

YourSongmaker can also create the perfect father/daughter, mother/son songs for your wedding dances.

Capture that memory of your wedding celebration with a personalized wedding song – special to your family, loved ones, and friends.

Most importantly – special to YOU!

Your wedding song will be produced in a way to ensure it can be played at your ceremony or by your DJ at the reception.

Also, you can request sheet music so you can have your song performed live by a band or framed as a gift for the couple.

Want to learn more? Read the stories behind and listen to some of the proposal and wedding song ideas on the YourSongmaker featured songs page.

YourSongmaker Makes It FUN and Easy to Do

At YourSongmaker, you don’t have to know how to play any instruments or be a singer.

If you can write your thoughts out on a piece of paper, one of their many production teams can write you a fantastic custom song – just the way you’d like it.

Highly Talented Human Music Producers

YourSongmaker uses the best composers, producers and vocalists in the music business. You’re giving your words to a human being who has vast musical and producing knowledge.

In essence, you’re saying – here are my words. Make them sound like this.

And they do!

Quick Turnaround Times!

The turnaround times are FAST at YourSongmaker. Their composing teams, producers, and vocalists have many, many years of experience!

Within ten days, you get a 45 second sample of your song via email to critique for 48 hrs.

Once you’re done, just send YourSongmaker your thoughts and they finish the song 4 days later!

Two weeks is the total turnaround time. Very quick for this industry of high-quality produced music. is a unique, one-of-a-kind service that creates high quality, original wedding song using the stories and/or words of their clients.

Clients are everyday people, not professional musicians or writers. It’s an emotional, memorable, and impactful experience.

Their number one goal is for you to love your song. Let them sing what you want to say in any style of music you desire.

It’s an experience like no other.