Novell and CJUSA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

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Novell, CJUSA, and our staffs are committed to an aggressive protocol as we do our part to slow, avoid, and eventually eradicate COVID-19.  We are being as proactive as possible as we adjust to a crisis lifestyle, and we will continue producing and delivering our products for the foreseeable future while at the same time keeping our staff safe and healthy.  

History reminds us that we need to come together in order to weather challenges like COVID-19.  That takes strong leadership, community resolve, and the enforcement of good policy.  The following are some details about Novell/CJUSA’s COVID-19 response including policy, factory posts, CDC links, and action points.  

Novell/CJUSA held an all-staff meeting outdoors to visually guide and encourage social distancing.  

Through a collaboration of our executive staff, building security, and factory management, a bilingual presentation describing what will be a new normal at Novell was detailed.  Employees all made a commitment to do their part in helping to isolate and discourage COVID-19 by exercising best practices company wide.

Our domestic-sales staff will not make personal visits or attend trade or trunk shows.  They will work from home in coordination with sales management until further notice.  They will be scheduling teleconferences to check and see how our customers and suppliers are doing and offer our assistance when we can help.

All employees capable of working remotely will do so.  One person in each department can attend the Novell facility, but all others must coordinate with that central person from home.

Our photography staff and equipment will be temporarily relocated outside the building.

All departments have ramped up production with a goal of reducing the attending staff to 30% or less, increasing the potential for social distancing to over 700 square feet per person.  We have a very large facility in Rahway, so we are spreading out within our own house.

Stringent cleaning and isolation standards are set and practiced by employees. Work areas and tools are no longer shared and are completely disinfected multiple times each day.

Common areas are used sparingly and are completely cleaned and disinfected multiple times each day.

Novell management will monitor government websites for temporary programs useful to team members and we will provide guidance and assistance to all staff members when needed.  

All incoming and outgoing packages are wiped and disinfected.  Non-time-sensitive packages are dated, put to the side for one week and then opened.

We have installed and are enforcing all protocols per CDC guidance on preventing transmission of infectious diseases. 

For more detail go to's Coronavirus guidelines.

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