Novell Global Jewelry - 2020 Vision

Novell Global Jewelry 2020 Vision


Novell’s resume’ boasts over thirty years of award winning and innovative jewelry design, pioneering with online-jewelry visionaries, and creating one of the most remarkable jewelry- making facilities in the Americas (North and South). 

When we ask Novell team members to explain Novell’s success, they rave about their flexible machine shop, fine casting, and brilliant collection of creative artisans. They credit their in-house IT controlling workflows and easily communicating that information to all relevant parties. They mention the pride they have working at a domestic-production shop where they have mastered just-in-time (JIT) jewelry inventory. This peak of efficiency allows Novell to manufacture at the highest quality for the lowest cost.  These benefits are enjoyed by the customer. Ask Novell’s customers to explain Novell’s success and at the top of their list is a customer service team approaching every query with the motto inspiring them to “find a way to say yes.” 

For the family of people that are the heart of Novell, the company’s history is less important than the jewelry they continue to design and make today…and tomorrow. Our people embrace the fact that all jewelry they produce is special. That is what sets Novell apart. 


Novell, in a new partnership with Continental Jewellery (MFG) Ltd., is growing their portfolio dynamically.  With tremendous international sourcing and expanded product offerings, Novell’s domestic manufacturing facility in New Jersey has diversified, adding new staff and equipment at a breakneck pace. 

Additionally, Continental’s global experience allows Novell to bring internationally trending jewelry to the USA.  Something special with international flavor is in store for debut at the JCK 2020 Continental Jewellery/Novell location in the Plumb Club.

All the while, Novell is committed to channeling resources to favor the independent jeweler.  Recognizing that healthy growth will come from making more jewelry desirable to more consumers, Novell is determined to grow demand and raise the bar for service. 


With so much being made of millennials purchasing products differently than past generations, the truth is that most of us purchase products differently in 2020 than we did in 2000.  Today’s consumers can find jewelry in an expanding retail marketplace, so Novell practices a comprehensive cover-your-bases strategy, designing programs that focus on giving independent jewelry retailers more advantages by increasing the services they can provide, so they may expand their reach. 

Novell believes that along with the responsibility for designing and selling jewelry, there is a responsibility for making sure jewelry grows in popularity.  Cover your bases. New programs are based on what makes a jewelry consumer comfortable, because with so many choices, what makes a consumer comfortable is determinative of where they are most likely to make a jewelry purchase--if they make one at all. 

Listening to jewelers, Novell is convinced that the successful independent retailers of the future need a different supplier-service model that includes a different product for the customer they are missing, not for the one they already have. With the soon to be released Before Anyone Else (BAE)* commitment jewelry collection, Novell imagines the future is now.  This program is one more reason for couples, who are shopping for wedding or commitment jewelry, will choose their retail store over all the other options.  BAE covers your bases with options, so the consumer can purchase the way they are comfortable. 

Always at the forefront of customization, Novell’s Custom Shop** has been a resounding success for the independent jewelers that take advantage.  Novell’s one-stop shopping, a direct line of communication to the manufacturing facility, and a track record approaching perfection, makes Custom Shop the ideal way for retailers to cover their bases.

Still covering your bases, Novell is promising to soon announce some very exciting collaborations, with other forward-thinking industry leaders, on products developed specifically for independent jewelers.


With a history of cutting-edge efficiency and the ability to find and keep customers, Novell has proven to be a manufacturer with a perpetually evolving formula for success.  The constants are always to offer the very best product, at the very best price, in the most comprehensive, comfortable, and dependable way.  Novell is all in on servicing hard-working retail jewelers and, ultimately, the consumers we need to keep happy.  What could be better?

* For more BAE information, go to  Beginning in February 2020, Before Anyone Else will be available to existing Novell dealerships, leading up to a major debut of BAE at JCK 2020 (Booth PC-850 in the Plumb Club)

** For more Custom Shop information, go to

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