Daily Archives: October 4, 2010

Classic platinum wedding bands.

Platinum wedding bands by Novell.

Here are some classic platinum wedding band styles that have been popular for years. Platinum really is the premium metal for wedding bands and jewelry in general. Yes – you will pay more fore platinum now, but the metal has a lifetime of benefits.

View other images for these classic platinum wedding band designs – NQP124-6GPCX, NQP63-6GPCX and P1706-6GC.

Stainless steel TATU rings featured on The Wedding Ring Blog.

Stainless steel wedding rings by Novell.

Stainless steel wedding rings by Novell.

The Wedding Ring Blog, a blog that reports on the latest wedding ring and jewelry trends that has become fairly popular, has been highlighting Novell’s new TATU rings. A new ad for TATU rings will soon debut in the jewelry industry trade publication In Store.

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