New Wedding Bands

New wedding bands from American wedding band manufacturer Novell. These wedding bands can be made wider, narrower, in different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), and much more.

Stackable Rings are Becoming the New Wedding Band

Stackable rings make great wedding bands.

Brides are beginning to stray from the typical wedding band fashion as stackable rings are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is in part due to a newfound appreciation for the wedding band as an individual statement.

Traditionally the wedding band is simply stacked with the engagement ring and often masked by its glitz. However, this is now being challenged through the placement of multiple wedding bands on a single finger. In some cases, they are worn on a finger different from the engagement ring. This concept first emerged when brides began adding a third ring to signify a special moment such as a birth or anniversary. Now this single addition is being surpassed.

Stackable rings have evolved the wedding band search into a more creative process. There are endless possibilities to mix and match stones, textures, shapes, sizes and metals – creating a unique set just for one.

This is where the fun begins! Gone are the days when one had to pick a metal and stick with it. Now there is the idea that silver and yellow or rose gold can be coordinated to bring out the best in one another. Then comes in the choice of texture – another feature with many options. One can choose from braided, twisted, hammered, matte, rope, bead or cross hatch.

The intricacy of detail paid to each band adds to a specialization matched by few others. Despite each stackable ring being incredibly unique on it’s own, when combined makes for a rather understated statement. This is achieved as each ring chosen embellishes one another in lieu of masking.

There are not many cases where such collective contrast can transcend into unity. Stackable wedding rings are approaching a new frontier of wear-ability. Contrary to the popular belief that “less is more,” the additional bands are appealing to the everyday bride that desires a noticeable yet staple accessory. Its specialized detail can freshen any look without overpowering it.

However, the ultimate attraction of stackable wedding rings is determined by the individual themselves, as rings are chosen upon their unique vision.

Article by Kelly Rupinski

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Ring by Novell’s New Custom Shop

Made by Novell's Custom Shop

Not everyone wants a ring exactly like what’s in many jewelers’ showcase. Novell’s new Custom Shop specially created this incredible anniversary band* in 14kt white gold for one of our retailer’s important customers. Seven center-set diamonds are surrounded on either side by twenty-six smaller one point stones. Want a ring made just for you? Ask one of our authorized retailers to contact our Custom Shop today!

*This custom ring features 7 x 2.5pt diamonds in the middle, with 26 x 1 pt. diamonds on the sides.’s Royal Wedding Giveaway.

One of Novell’s latest platinum wedding band designs is part of’s Royal Wedding Giveaway. To enter the contest, simply cast your vote for your favorite ring in each of the following categories – Classic Cut Engagement Rings, Fancy Cut Engagement Rings, Women’s Wedding Bands, Men’s Wedding Bands, Matching Engagement Ring, Wedding Band Sets, Vintage Engagement Rings, Trendsetting Engagement Rings, and Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings. There are eight categories to vote in, but you can only choose one ring for each category.


Novell’s featured platinum design with black diamonds.


Rings from each featured designer or manufacturer were chosen during a rigorous nomination process; a committee of experts narrowed down the selections to just eight per category. Learn more about the 2011 Bridal Jewelry Awards committee, or enter’s Royal Wedding Giveaway today!


New silver wedding bands at

New wedding bands at

Authorized Novell wedding band retailer, a leading online source of men’s wedding bands, is proud to announce the introduction of their new silver wedding bands line – and just in time for Valentine’s Day! Their new silver wedding bands collection include some of Novell Design Studio‘s best selling styles, and are an affordable precious metal choice for young couples who don’t have a huge budget for their wedding bands, yet would still like bridal jewelry created from material that has intrinsic value.

Novell’s silver wedding bands are specially created with Argentium Silver, which is a non-tarnishing silver metal. Traditionally, silver jewelry’s downside has been that it needed to be cleaned frequently as it tarnished easily due to the fact that it is typically alloyed with copper. The Argentium Silver that Novell uses is alloyed with germanium to avoid this tarnishing problem.

Read – Larson Jewelers Introduces Silver Wedding Bands Line.

And see more Novell wedding bands at

Palladium wedding band L1987-7GC – palladium wedding band with black diamonds.


Palladium wedding band L1987-7GCThis palladium wedding band is 7mm wide and features approximately 1/2 ctw of black diamonds. This design can be created in platinum, palladium or gold.

View this palladium wedding ring on  Or view more black diamond wedding bands.

Stainless steel ring on Your Engagement 101.

Stainless steel ring featured in Engagement 101.

The upcoming issue of leading wedding magazine Engagement 101 features one of Novell’s new TATU stainless steel rings on its cover. Designs in the TATU ring collection have been inspired by actual tribal and tattoo themes. Although the featured ring is pictured in stainless steel, TATU ring styles can also be created in platinum, palladium, sterling silver and gold. Innovation and customization are what drive Novell, so that your ring can be made in many different ways – and just for you! For pricing and manufacturing options, please visit an authorized Novell retailer in your area.

View more rings in the TATU ring collection.

Palladium wedding band with black diamonds (new from Novell).

The L1985-7GC is palladium wedding band that is 7mm wide and features approximately 3/8 ctw of black diamonds. Novell can customize our designs to your specifications, so that your wedding band will be one of a kind. Exactly the way you want it. Wider. Narrower. In platinum, palladium, 5 kinds of gold, and more. For additional information and pricing, please visit an authorized retailer.

Visit the Novell News section to keep up to date with everything that is new with Novell.

TATU stainless steel wedding band.

Stainless steel ring by Novell.

Stainless steel ring by Novell.

Here’s another stainless steel wedding band from Novell’s new TATU collection. These rings that have been created with tribal and tattoo-related themes are quietly becoming a big hit. And many TATU rings can also be made in platinum, palladium or silver as well.

See this stainless steel ring at another angle. You can also see these new TATU rings on Facebook.

Classic platinum wedding bands.

Platinum wedding bands by Novell.

Here are some classic platinum wedding band styles that have been popular for years. Platinum really is the premium metal for wedding bands and jewelry in general. Yes – you will pay more fore platinum now, but the metal has a lifetime of benefits.

View other images for these classic platinum wedding band designs – NQP124-6GPCX, NQP63-6GPCX and P1706-6GC.

JCK Show News – See New Wedding Bands at JCK Show.

Wedding bands and rings by Novell.

Debuting at the 2010 JCK Show in Las Vegas – Novell’s TATU wedding bands.

As featured on

The future for wedding bands will arrive at this year’s JCK Show in Las Vegas!  Novell  will be unveiling a very original concept for wedding bands and jewelry in general – designs inspired from actual tattoo themes. Rings in the new TATU Collection are created in stainless steel or palladium, and a select few have been fashioned especially in platinum. Additional wedding band styles produced with sterling silver and black diamonds will also be available. TATU wedding bands will be offered through authorized Novell retailers over the summer.

The JCK Show is a jewelry industry-only event that will take place June 4 through June 7. Jewelry industry professionals can visit Novell at booth 5081. View other wedding bands and bridal jewelry that Novell will be featuring at the 2010 JCK Show in Las Vegas.

New platinum wedding bands added to Novell website.

Recently added to Novell’s wedding band website are several new platinum wedding bands that are designed to be affordable.

Platinum is a naturally white metal that can potentially last the test of time. A platinum wedding band or engagement ring can literally become a piece of heirloom jewelry that can remain in your family for generations. When you scratch platinum, you don’t really remove much metal, so you can have your platinum wedding bands refinished to look like new over and over. Keep in mind that nearly all jewelry will show signs of wear and tear over time in some manner.

Platinum wedding band with diamonds P1909-5GC

Platinum wedding band with diamonds P1909-5GC


Platinum wedding band with diamonds P1910-5GC

Platinum wedding band with diamonds P1911-5GC

Platinum wedding band P1912-6G

Platinum wedding band P1912-6G

Platinum wedding band P1913-6G

Platinum wedding band P1913-6G

Platinum wedding band P1914-6G

Platinum wedding band P1914-6G

Platinum wedding band P1915-6G

Platinum wedding band P1915-6G

Platinum wedding band P1917-6G

Platinum wedding band P1917-6G

Platinum wedding band P1919-6G

Platinum wedding band P1919-6G

Platinum wedding band P1920-6G

Platinum wedding band P1920-6G

New platinum engagement rings and ladies wedding bands.

Novell is proud to preview selections from our upcoming bridal line. These featured engagement rings and ladies’ wedding bands are pictured in all platinum, but can also be specially created in palladium or gold as well. And like all Novell wedding band products, all styles in the new bridal collection are Made in America. Individual images with product details will soon be added to Novell’s consumer wedding band website and also to our retailer business-to-business section for 24 hour pricing availability and online ordering. Stay tuned!

Coming soon from Novell - new engagement rings and ladies' wedding bands.

Coming soon from Novell - new engagement rings and ladies' wedding bands.