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Nite Guide’s Kimberly Fisher features Novell’s TATU ring.

Novell TATU ring.

Southern California lifestyle publication Nite Guide recently featured Novell’s TATU ring design Hammer (FEC-710Z). In a review written by noted beauty queen, model, actress, spokesperson, writer and producer Kimberly Fisher, Novell’s TATU rings are highlighted as being jewelry that is totally different! TATU rings were first introduced at the 2010 JCK Show in Las Vegas, and are available at many Novell wedding band retailers from coast-to-coast.

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Last year, Novell Design Studio introduced a very unique line of rings created in stainless steel. These new ring styles are inspired by actual tattoo and tribal themes, and most can be special ordered in Argentium Sterling Silver, palladium or even platinum – the premium metal used for wedding rings and jewelry. TATU wedding rings are currently being featured on, an innovative wedding planning website.

TATU rings are not your father’s wedding ring! TATU is a fashion statement or even a way of life. And since sterling silver TATU rings are affordable, you can have one for literally any day of the week. But if precious metals are your style for jewelry (as it should be), a precious metal TATU ring makes a strong statement! Visit an authorized Novell retailer for more information and pricing.

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Stainless steel ring on Your Engagement 101.

Stainless steel ring featured in Engagement 101.

The upcoming issue of leading wedding magazine Engagement 101 features one of Novell’s new TATU stainless steel rings on its cover. Designs in the TATU ring collection have been inspired by actual tribal and tattoo themes. Although the featured ring is pictured in stainless steel, TATU ring styles can also be created in platinum, palladium, sterling silver and gold. Innovation and customization are what drive Novell, so that your ring can be made in many different ways – and just for you! For pricing and manufacturing options, please visit an authorized Novell retailer in your area.

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Stainless steel rings by Novell., an up-and-coming bridal web portal, features twenty-two of Novell’s new TATU stainless steel rings. TATU rings are inspired by actual tribal and tattoo themes. They have recently been featured by In Store Magazine, and a dozen where given away to future brides and groom in co-operation with

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Stainless steel TATU ring featured in jewelry magazine.

 Stainless steel ring - TATU ring.

The November 2010 issue of In Store featured new Novell TATU ring design Armour (FEC-717Z) – a stainless steel style inspired by actual tribal tattoo themes. Novell recently introduced TATU stainless steel rings at The 2010 JCK Show in Las Vegas. Select TATU designs are also available in platinum, palladium and even gold, so your choice is almost endless. TATU ring designs are the new wave for rings and jewelry.

Wedding blog features stainless steel rings.

Wedding blog “With This Ring” featured designs from Novell’s new TATU collection.

“Novell was one of my first sponsors, and I can tell you from our extended working relationship that they are a fabulous company. They are down to earth folks that truly love serving their customers! So, I am excited to share with you their latest line of wedding bands – TATU Rings. The rings are just as they sound – designs that have been inspired by actual tattoo and tribal designs. If your groom isn’t into a simple version of a wedding band, then these rings are for him!”

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Stainless steel ring from Novell’s TATU Collection.

Stainless steel ring by Novell.

Stainless steel has a very clean, grayish coloring, and caring for your stainless steel ring is as easy as wiping it with a soft cloth and mild cleanser. Novell’s new TATU rings are inspired by actual tattoo and tribal themes, and a great as a wedding band or fashion ring for every day wearing.

For more information about this stainless steel ring, please visit an authorized Novell retailer.