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How to Redesign an Old Wedding Band with Custom Shop

redesign your wedding band with Custom Shop

Tired of the wedding band that’s on your finger? It’s okay to consider ways to redesign your wedding band. Rejuvenation of the wedding band is adding an interesting twist on wedding band longevity. More and more people are taking aspects of their existing bridal jewelry and creating something new out of it. With the help of a local jeweler and Novell’s Custom Shop, it’s easy to make an old idea something fresh. The best part is that nothing necessarily has been thrown away. It’s just being redesigned or rejuvenated.

The wedding band is integrated into everyday life. After all – you are supposed to wear it all the time. Yet it’s not a surprise that over time you might find yourself wanting something new. Redesigning allows the ring to essentially grow with the wearer. This concept can apply to both rings that have been inherited (i.e. passed down from a relative), and pieces that have simply been outgrown.

Inherited engagement rings or wedding bands carry a degree of sentimental value unmatched by other articles of jewelry. Keep in mind that it is possible to retain some sentiment while making a new ring that has your own distinctive touch. This can be accomplished through preservation of a particular component – such as a gem stones or metal. In many cases, metal from an old design can be melted and used for the new one. Stones can be reset as well.

Take for instance my Mom – who wanted to make changes to the ring she was married in. She decided to combine her engagement ring and wedding band into one piece. This combination was a means to create a practical, unique and most importantly meaningful ring. It turned out to be a rather creative process. Mom could preserve the diamond from the original engagement ring and use it in a new platinum band. This new style was set with intricately placed diamonds from her original wedding band. It represents the idea of renewal in it’s entirely – adopting the new while simultaneously preserving and enhancing the old.

And guess what? She absolutely loves it!

Interested in redesigning your bridal jewelry? Just tell your local jeweler to give Custom Shop a call with your needs, and we’ll take it from there.

Remember – Grandma’s rubies will look great in a new wedding band that you’ve always had in the back of your mind. Take advantage.

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Story by Kelly Rupinski