Novell Wedding Bands – What You Need to Know (Made in USA)

Novell wedding bands are manufactured only in our East Coast jewelry factory. We do not import or rely on other sources for our product.

All merchandise is sold through our nationwide authorized retailers. Our wedding bands can be special ordered in platinum, palladium, 18kt gold, or 14kt gold (yellow, white or rose).

Not sure which metal is best for you? Here’s a precious metal guide that can help you.

Every style is made to order within approximately 12 working days. Rarely do we discontinue a wedding band that we have designed. Orders can be rushed, at no extra charge, when specified while placing the order with an authorized retailer.

Keep in mind that almost all Novell wedding bands can be custom-manufactured to your specific dimensional requirements. We can alter the width, height or even color of our product when requested. In many cases, aspects from several designs can be combined into one unique piece.

What if I have my own idea for a wedding band or piece of jewelry?

If you have your own idea, then our Custom Shop division can help!

Custom Shop is where Novell’s state of the art manufacturing facility brings the consumer – with help from a local independent retail jeweler – an easy way to say – “Yes, I can custom make that for you.”

Custom Shop offers 3D printing, so your customers can try on their jewelry before it’s put into production. Here are more Custom Shop capabilities:

• We provide price quotes and CAD renderings within forty-eight hours for customer approval.
• Finished custom designed pieces are delivered within three to four weeks.
• Every creation is 100% made in America, so there’s no waiting for your order to arrive from overseas.
• Our domestic manufacturing muscle, with casting facilities, an extensive machine shop, and a skilled hand fabricating staff, gives our authorized retailers a clear path to market advantage.
• Some of our other technologies include casting, mold making, machine fabricating, finishing, setting, jewelry work, restoration, engraving, braiding and plating.

Looking for some fun rings to wear as bridal jewelry or even every day? Our Circles stackable ring collection was created as a celebration of art, forged in America to be collected and worn in random combination – with each combination intending to be stunningly unique.

With over forty interpretations and growing, Circles are a fun, innovative, and affordable product designed to energize precious metal sales.

In this, our thirtieth year in business, Novell is setting the course for a new era of jewelry sales by pushing the boundaries of our ‘Made Better in America’ manufacturing system.

We lead with great products fine-tuned technology, and a passion for making jewelry, bringing our customers the latest innovations in precious metal.

Pick out your favorite designs and wear them any way you want. You can even change their order daily.

Want to see more? Just visit to see hundreds of designs.

Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot sell directly to consumers. If you are interested in seeing Novell wedding bands featured on this page – or want us to help you make your own jewelry creation, please contact an authorized retailer.

No authorized retailer in your area? Just have your local jewelry store send us a message (or call 888-668-3551).