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Wedding website., a free wedding website where couples can create and easily share pages about their upcoming ceremony on Facebook, Twitter and more, features wedding bands and TATU stainless steel rings by Novell. Novell’s profile also includes platinum wedding band styles specially designed to be affordable.

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Stainless steel rings by Novell., an up-and-coming bridal web portal, features twenty-two of Novell’s new TATU stainless steel rings. TATU rings are inspired by actual tribal and tattoo themes. They have recently been featured by In Store Magazine, and a dozen where given away to future brides and groom in co-operation with

View all twenty-two stainless steel TATU rings.

Wedding blog features stainless steel rings.

Wedding blog “With This Ring” featured designs from Novell’s new TATU collection.

“Novell was one of my first sponsors, and I can tell you from our extended working relationship that they are a fabulous company. They are down to earth folks that truly love serving their customers! So, I am excited to share with you their latest line of wedding bands – TATU Rings. The rings are just as they sound – designs that have been inspired by actual tattoo and tribal designs. If your groom isn’t into a simple version of a wedding band, then these rings are for him!”

View the Tatu ring post on With This Ring – Sponsor Spotlight: Novell TATU Wedding Bands.

Brand New Wedding Band Blog Hits 145th Post.

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American wedding band manufacturer uses a blogging platform to increase outreach to potential consumers.

Novell Design Studio, a leading American wedding band manufacturer that specializes in product customization, has recently launched a blog component to its main domain – The new blog will highlight Novell’s appearances in the press, general company philosophy, education about the metals commonly available for wedding bands, authorized Novell retailers, and much more. Still in its infancy stage, Novell’s wedding band blog should be fully updated within a few weeks.

The Question is – Why a Wedding Band Blog?
“A blog is a great way to engage your potential customer in a different way other than with just a run-of-the-mill website or ordinary advertising,” reports Novell Marketing Director Rick Mulholland. “ I can use it to quickly highlight a recent news item, new wedding band and bridal jewelry products, or even one of our retailer’s upcoming events. Blogging is simply an efficient way to get the ‘word out,’ and I welcome visitors to make comments of any kind. Without initiating open conversation, we’re just another company that’s trying to preach our message. Novell’s wedding band blog component is also the very first step in a new approach to Internet marketing that will be unique to the jewelry industry. I am very excited about the future.”

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More about Novell Wedding Bands
Novell Design Studio prides itself on continually bringing innovation to the bridal jewelry industry. The company currently specializes in customizing its designs to suit individuals’ particular needs, tastes and diverse lifestyles. Since no consumer should just have to settle for what is on the shelf, Novell can specially create almost all of their wedding band styles in many variations – wider, narrower, in different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), with different finishes, and much more. Novell wedding bands sold at over 1,000 authorized retailers nationwide. Visit to find the jewelry store in your area.

Wedding bands featured on the baby blog “Me, Myself & Baby I.”


This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

The new baby blog Me, Myself & Baby I, Lainie Friedman-Gutterman’s daily account about being pregnant for the first time, highlights classic Novell wedding bands which are currently being featured on the new wedding website Lainie had recently purchased a Novell palladium wedding band for her husband, and her comments about the wedding band are included in Novell’s profile. The testimonial previously appeared on the Engagement 101 Magazine wedding blog as well.

Bride endorses new wedding song.

SImnger Jacqui NaylorOver on’s bridal message boards, future brides have been chatting about new wedding songs and making suggestions. And one gives “Celebrate Early and Often” – a new wedding song for a new wedding generation – a ringing endorsement.

She writes (as of March 4, 2009):
“Hello Everyone! I heard this song and fell in love with it – “Celebrate Early and Often.”
 I thought it was cool that the artist wrote it for her own wedding! It kicks into the perfect feeling after about a minute into the song and I can picture myself dancing to it with my soon to be hubby. 7 months to go! …Michelle

Read more about, listen to and/or buy the song “Celebrate Early and Often.”

Bridal blogs highlight wedding band giveaway.

This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

Weddiquette and I Will to I Do, blogs dedicated to wedding trends and suggestions, highlighted Novell’s partnership with Platinum Guild and Allure magazine for a platinum wedding band giveaway which took place in late 2008 and early 2009. Consumers were invited to share their unique proposal story, and four lucky couples would win a set of Novell platinum wedding bands. The proposal story contest was open until January 2009.

Engagement 101 wedding blog talks about palladium wedding bands.

Palladium_wedding_ring Engagement 101, a wedding planning blog that compliments the Engagement 101 print publication and website, recently featured a consumer’s reasoning behind their purchase of a palladium wedding band by Novell. The bride and groom were recently married in October 2008.

Wedding announcement from (published on October  3, 2008):

Lainie Michele Friedman is to be married Sunday to Scott  Gutterman at the Crystal Plaza, a caterer in Livingston, N.J. Rabbi  Philip Goldberg is to officiate.

Ms. Friedman, 34, who will take her husband’s name, is the vice  president for media relations at Colangelo & Partners Public  Relations in New York. She graduated from American University.  She  is a daughter of Sheila Gloria Friedman of East Brunswick, N.J.,  and the late Ira Friedman.

Mr. Gutterman, 42, is the chief financial officer of the New York law  firm Kelley Drye & Warren. He graduated from the State University  of  New York at Binghamton. He is the son of Lois Gutterman and Carl Gutterman of Allentown, N.J.

The groom chose a palladium wedding band from Novell.

The bride, who prides herself on being an educated and savvy shopper, had this to say about Scott’s selection – “We love the ring. I think it screams, ‘I’m strong, stable, solid and forever- just like the man wearing it!”

Novell wishes Mr. and Mrs.Gutterman a long and blissful lifetime together.

You can view more Novell wedding rings on the Engagement 101 website – including a set of Novell wedding bands prominently placed in the website header (which is seen with every page viewed), and in the featured gallery of wedding band designs.

Platinum wedding band giveaway reported by “With This Ring” blog.

With This Ring, a blog devoted to all the latest wedding news and trends, posted a feature about the platinum wedding band giveaway that was hosted on (in cooperation with The Platinum Guild). Future grooms were invited to share their unique proposal story, and participants had a chance to win a set of platinum wedding bands courtesy of Novell Design Studio. The giveaway ran through November 17, 2008.

View the platinum wedding band video.


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Novell wedding bands featured on blog for palladium.

This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog: ,the blog for Palladium Alliance International, has recently reported news about Novell’s press release – “New Palladium Wedding Rings on” The press release highlights the selection of Novell’s palladium wedding rings included on PAI’s newly redesigned website, and has been featured on and in Google News.

“The Novell company issued a press release this week about their Palladium wedding rings featured on the official website of Palladium Alliance International.” Read more

An excerpt from the press release: “, an official website for Palladium Alliance International, features Novell palladium styles L8048-6GC, L8050-6GC, L8051-6GC and L8055-6GC in the site’s jewelry gallery. The website has been recently redesigned and re-launched with tools that are specifically created for the jewelry industry trade, but may be of interest to consumers as well. An additional consumer-oriented website will soon follow. Novell has been offering palladium as an option for its wedding bands for the past four years.” Read more of “New Palladium Wedding Rings on“…

Palladium wedding bands as featured on a blog about palladium.

Palladium wedding bands as featured on a blog about palladium.

Wedding ring video featured on With This Ring.

This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

With This Ring, a blog dedicated to wedding trends and suggestions, featured Novell’s video based on the “Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry” brochure .

From the author:
“I know I’ve written about this before, but I feel like its worth mentioning again (and now there is a video…I am all about the visual). When we went to go pick out our wedding bands I admittedly didn’t know much at all about the differences in metal. We ultimately decided on
Platinum for me and Palladium for the boy, but going into this whole experience I had never even heard of Palladium. So, I hope this video helps you a little, or at the least gives you some ideas by looking at all the different pics of jewelry!”

Read more…

View the video…

The “Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry” brochure and video have also been featured on Trans World News, and Google News.

With This Ring bridal blog highlighted Novell's "Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry" video and brochure.

With This Ring bridal blog highlighted Novell's "Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry" video and brochure.

Helpful metal brochure featured on key wedding blogs.

Novell has recently released our latest brochure entitled “Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry.” This literature is designed to help the average consumer decide which metal will be the best choice for their wedding band or engagement ring. Feel free to download – “Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry.”

Here’s what some popular wedding blogs had to say about the brochure:

Wedding Bee
– Rick from Novell sent me a link to their Choosing Your Metal guide, which compares attributes like intrinsic value and life span of 6 of the most popular wedding band metals. If you are debating which metal to choose for your wedding rings, it is definitely worth a read!

Read more on Wedding Bee

With This Ring
– We are about to start the search for wedding bands and have been doing some preliminary internet searching to determine what exactly we want. Mine is easy, my ring was designed for a matching band, but B is facing a lot of choices. When we started searching I was really surprised to find out that the price of platinum has increased dramatically…from mid-December 2007 to the beginning of this week the price of platinum has risen by $800.00 an ounce! ?

Read more on With This Ring

The Bridal Wish List
– What does a man want? Hopefully, your groom is pretty low-key. If so, then here are some gorgeous wedding band options from Novell Design Studio. I have seen a lot of bands for men and always see the same old thing. But these designs are definitely different. Novell can create rings to your specifications.

Read more on The Bridal Wish List

"Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry" - a free brochure.

"Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry" - a free brochure.

Novell’s online news sections keeps customers up-to-date.

Product showcases, editorial and advertising previews, and almost anything new and noteworthy from Novell are available for viewing at Novell’s online news section. Retailers can keep up to date with all the future and present happenings, while consumers can stay one step ahead with what is upcoming in the industry (please note: consumers can only obtain current pricing and manufacturing options from our authorized retailers).

Individuals can also subscribe to Novell’s RSS feed to have the news delivered directly to their e-mail address or cell phone.

Trans World News also featured news about the RSS feed and other online marketing methods that Novell deploys.

Coming soon – Novell’s wedding band blog!!

Hi everyone…

Novell’s new wedding band blog will be up and running soon. In the meantime, feel free to keep up to date with everything about Novell by visiting our Novell News section, or our other wedding ring blog –

Platinum wedding bands by Novell.

Platinum wedding bands by Novell. These wedding bands can be made wider, narrower and in other metals as well.