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Not Your Average Wedding Cake


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Finding the perfect wedding cake is a super sweet experience. It is becoming ever so popular for brides to choose a more unique, and less traditional cake for their special day. The Knot’s article 10 Naked Cakes You Have to See is sharing some sweet wedding cake ideas that are sure to win you over.




Need Help Choosing Your Perfect Honeymoon Spot?

Perfect honeymoon destination

Choosing the perfect honeymoon getaway can one of the toughest wedding-related decisions you make. It ultimately comes down to how you would like to spend your first days as a newlywed couple. What do you enjoy –  lazy sun bathing on a Caribbean island, visiting historic landmarks, or zip lining through a tropical forest? How to Choose the Perfect Honeymoon Spot details the most popular honeymoon locations in terms of price, ratings, and overall newlywed experience.

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Are You Nervous About Speaking at Your Wedding?

Wedding day nerves

Public speaking can be the most terrifying thing to do. But here’s the great part –  you aren’t delivering a speech to a 300 complete strangers; it’s a wedding, and you’re likely to be among people you already know and love. Here are some great tips provided by to help you overcome your public speaking fears. Try to practice your speech numerous times, relax, talk slow, and take deep breaths. And to make things even easier, try to tell a joke to make the audience laugh.

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Are You Worried About Weather on Your Wedding Day?


Wedding day weather

A bride’s worst nightmare is having horrible weather on her special day. It’s just that one variable that you can’t control despite how well you’ve planned. But don’t let a little rain spoil your big day. How to Weather Proof Your Wedding provides you with useful ideas on how to make your wedding day spectacular whether it’s rain, snow, or even humid sticky heat.

The Knot’s The New Rules of Wedding Etiquette

Wedd ing planning advice from

Announcing an engagement is such a memorable and joyous event. Nonetheless, revealing that precious news in an appropriate way is essential. But not to worry –  New Rules of Wedding Etiquette provides you with a helpful set of rules to follow whether you are the bride to be or even an overly excited guest. They also offer great tips on when to take photos, what not to share on social media, and when to change your relationship status on Facebook.