Most Popular US Honeymoon Spots in 2019

Ah, how priceless is that moment when your wedding ceremony and reception are finally over, all the guests have left and you are about to board the plane and depart for your honeymoon. There is nothing that beats that feeling, especially if you were lucky enough to afford some luxurious destination. But, to enjoy the tropical paradise and romantic spots, you don’t have to leave our great country! Instead, forget about the wedding planning stress that you have been faced with in the last few months, and book your room in some of the most popular US honeymoon spots in 2019. And no – not all of them will break the bank, so stay tuned!

Honeymoon spots are nice with an ocean view
After joining your lives in holy matrimony, the time is right to celebrate!

Hawaii Graces All the Lists of the Popular US Honeymoon Spots in 2019

Year after year, Hawaii never ceases to amaze. This tropical paradise has been one of the best honeymoon destinations for a long time, and it isn’t highly likely that it will be taken off its throne any time soon. Moreover, Hawaii is not only a popular honeymoon destination for US citizens. Quite the contrary, people all over the world save for months, some even years, in order to afford this amazing destination. Now, we do have to admit that this is a pricey option, and it won’t be easily affordable for everyone. It will be especially difficult to afford a honeymoon in Hawaii after all the wedding costs you just had. But, should you be lucky enough to manage to do it, here are some of the top spots in Hawaii to consider:

How exotic do these names sound? If you can’t afford to honeymoon in Hawaii, don’t exasperate. There will be plenty of time to visit it in the future. For now, you have a plethora of other, more affordable options!

Sarasota, FL is an Affordable Option for Everyone’s Enjoyment

Have you always pictured your honeymoon on some tropical beach? Would you like to lay around all day long on a white sandy beach, overlooking the turquoise waters and working on your tan? Well, if you add beautiful sunsets in cotton candy colors to that description, you get Sarasota, FL. With an average nightly hotel price being $162, and with slightly over 50,000 residents, this Florida city will amaze you with its livelihood, as well as affordability. And that’s more than enough for Sarasota to become one of the best destinations for honeymooners in US.

Honeymoon spots like Sarasota have sunsets, beaches and palm trees.
The sunsets in Sarasota, FL are truly a marvelous sight!

While you get to bask in the glorious sun during the day, you will get a chance to lead a rich social and cultural life after the sunset. From ballets to jazz concerts and theatrical performances, the life in Sarasota will amaze you. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t dwell too much on packing, and just throw in a few floral shirts, your bathing suit, and some comfy shoes. That’s all you’ll need to enjoy your days in this piece of heaven that is right at your fingertips.

Cape Cod Can Never Disappoint

Admit it – never in a million years would you think that Massachusetts could be a great honeymoon destination. But, the fact is that this state has plenty to offer, starting with Cape Cod. Granted, the beaches here may not be something you see only in movies and travel magazines, but you are trying to have a romantic getaway while being on a budget. And for that purpose, Cape Cod will be perfect. Feel the serenity that only a place such as this one can offer, and enjoy the beautiful restaurants that grace the streets.

And if you ever get bored during those ten days of your honeymoon, you can always take a field trip. Ever heard about the majestic city that Boston is? Well, it will certainly provide you with plenty of fun, and plenty of places to see. But, beware – you wouldn’t be the first family to consider relocating to Massachusetts after visiting it. This state is simply too good to pass, and you might find yourself faced with a dilemma at the end of your vacation.

Seneca Falls is a Romantic Destination – Guaranteed to Capture Your Heart

According to data, New York is the most expensive place to get married in the US. So, if you are an NYC resident, we have some good and some bad news. Your wedding reception will be expensive, but your honeymoon doesn’t have to be! You have Seneca Falls to enjoy after tying the knot. Named for the 11 lakes that spread around the area, Seneca Falls is a beautiful and romantic getaway for couples of all ages. There is a good reason why it is considered as one of the most popular US honeymoon spots in 2019. It’s due to its affordability and beautiful scenery that Seneca Falls has landed on this list.

Honeymoons spots can also feature great wineries and tasty wine
Beautiful wineries are just one thing to enjoy in the most popular US honeymoon spots in 2019.

While Seneca Falls is a perfect summer destination, you do need to be a bit more careful during the winter. As you know, the temperatures in NYC can get out of hand. The key to packing correctly is being prepared on time. Although, preparedness in a timely manner is the key to almost all things in life. Trying to plan a wedding? Start on time! Planning to move to your spouse’s house down the block? Then you better prepare in advance for your local relocation. Wanting to pack the best outfits for your honeymoon in Seneca Falls during the cold days? Be prepared by watching the weather forecast.

Charleston Could Be the Most Surprising Spot on the List

But, if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. This city in South Carolina is so charming that it promises to leave no one indifferent. Walk the cobblestone streets while holding hands with your new partner for life and enjoy the beautiful vistas. If you want to take things up a notch, treat yourself to a carriage ride. Now, nothing screams romance quite like a carriage ride on a romantic summer evening, in a city with beautiful lighting.

As the last piece of advice, we would just like to tell you to enjoy it while it lasts. Soon after the wedding and honeymoon are over, you will have to go back to your ordinary lives. And then, instead of having the pleasure of reminiscing on your time spent in one of the most popular US honeymoon spots in 2019, you will be sorry you didn’t let all of your worries go to waste. And now is the perfect time to forget about the world and focus on the two of you, and this new life you are embarking on together.

Tips for Planning a Wedding Long Distance

Planning a wedding can be a wonderful and chaotic experience at the same time. You are marrying the love of your life, which is great. Good for you. That is why this should be a happy occasion, when you and the people who are close to you are celebrating your love. However, since this is a complex event to begin with, it tends to be pretty stressful. And all that stress magnifies by a hundred if you are planning a wedding long-distance.

Long Disgance Wedding Planning

So, you definitely need help. But, you also need to talk to yourself and your significant other. Both of you must adjust your expectations to the reality of the situation, no matter how perfect you want everything to be. We have prepared some guidelines for you so you know what the crucial tips are for planning a wedding long-distance.

What Should You Know Before You Start Planning a Wedding Long Distance?

One of the first questions to ask is when you should start planning a wedding long distance. There is no specific answer to this question, but generally – the sooner the better. It all depends on how far away you are from the wedding location and how often you can visit it. But, whatever the case, you and your significant other should figure out some things before you start the actual planning. And we are not talking about deciding which side of the bed is whose.

What ypou should know when planning a long distance wedding
Planning a long-distance wedding requires great organization and professional help

Important questions regarding the planning of the wedding:
• When do you want to get married and how much time you have to prepare everything?
• How many people you want at your wedding and who are the most important ones?
• What are the crucial things you want at your wedding, and what can you live without?
• How big is your budget for the wedding and honeymoon?

When you to sit down and discuss these important topics together, you will be able to resume the wedding planning with reduced stress. Because, if you can’t compromise on what you want your wedding to look like, who to call and how much you are willing to spend – how do you expect to make compromises further on in life?

Do Your Research On Time

Right after you establish the main course of your wedding, you must start researching. Answering the basic questions of who, what, when, where and how much will play a great role further on. It is an excellent thing that we live in a modern age, when you can find out almost everything you need to know about any subject online. So, get down to business – you have a lot of work to do. Especially if you haven’t spent your whole life imagining your wedding day.

You will need ideas, from what kind of wedding bands you want, to what songs you want to play at the reception. Also, you will need inspiration and some advice from the people who have experience in the subject. That’s when friends, family, relatives, and coworkers will be able to help.

Hire a Wedding Planner at Your Wedding Destination

If the wedding is happening in your hometown, you can probably get some help from your closest family. However, that is probably not going to be enough. And if you are planning a wedding long-distance, you definitely need the help of professionals. A wedding planner at the location is going to be a real lifesaver. That is someone who will do everything for you. Again, it’s a good thing we are in the era of technology, so you can be present online throughout most of the activities. Use all the apps you can to stay informed, and you will be on top of the situation, no matter how far you are.

How to plan a long distance wedding
A wedding planner can help you choose the venue and almost everything else.

Some people think they can do everything by themselves, so they want to save money and not hire a wedding planner. But think about this. If you and your future spouse are currently in different locations, after the wedding, one of you will need to relocate to the location where the other person is, right? And in that case, you will hire assistance for your long distance relocation from a professional moving company because they have the expertise and you can rely on them to be quick and punctual. So you won’t spare money, right? Well, it is the same with a wedding planner. If you want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without delays, you should definitely hire one.

Make Time for Visits and Arrange Transportation and Accommodation Well in Advance

As online apps aren’t always enough to make decisions, when you are planning a wedding long distance, you should set aside some time for visits to the wedding destination. That way, you can do all the work you couldn’t over the phone. You can try out the menu, the cakes or listen to bands and sign papers, whatever is necessary. Use that time to make arrangements for the accommodation and transportation of your guests, so you can be certain that everyone important is taken care of before the big day.

Buy What You Can Where You Are

If you don’t want this wedding to turn into a living hell, you should do everything you can where you are currently. Don’t try to buy your wedding dress from a remote location or online because, no matter how beautiful it is, you really need fittings. So, look for it at your current location. If you want to create the perfect custom rings, you should also do it somewhere nearby. The less stuff you outsource to your wedding planner and family members, the more you will be in control. However, you can choose flowers from where you are, so some things can definitely be done long-distance. The less stuff you outsource to your wedding planner and family members, the more you will be in control.

Long distance wedding planning - shop for everything but the dress.
Some tasks can be outsourced, but buying a wedding dress isn’t one of them.

Arrive at the Destination a Week Prior to the Wedding and Enjoy

It is a great thing to have a wedding planner and family members to help. However, you should be there for the photo-finish. Make the arrangements to arrive at the wedding destination at least a week before the wedding. That way, you will be able to make changes or put the final touches to anything you like.

If you follow these tips for planning a wedding long-distance, you will come to realize that it’s not so hard. Even though it is complicated, with a lot of moving parts and variables, it is still doable. So, whatever happens next, just remember there is no such thing as a perfect wedding or life. You did your best to make it the most wonderful wedding and now it’s time to enjoy. The best part is yet to come since the wedding is merely the beginning of the mutual adventure called life. So, make sure you relax and enjoy it.

Get Married in Laid-back Beautiful Boulder at Hotel Boulderado

Boulder, Colorado has been called the “Happiest City in America” by National Geographic – and it’s easy to see why. At the foot of the Rocky Mountains and surrounded by breathtaking scenery, this university town offers the best of both worlds – exciting nightlife, a vibrant arts scene and ski slopes only 30 minutes away.

For a wedding of up to 275 people, you won’t find a better place to get married in Boulder than the gracious historic Hotel Boulderado. The hotel is at the center of everything, one block from Pearl Street Mall, the city’s downtown hub for fun. They offer a slice of history, with a sweeping cherry wood staircase and a stunning stained glass ceiling. Many couples choose to get married on the mezzanine overlooking the opulent lobby, which retains the original mosaic floor and attendant-operated Otis elevator. Even though the hotel is on the National Registry of Historic places and preserves every ounce of Victorian elegance, it’s completely updated (they won an award for recent renovations), so you can enjoy the old world ambiance without sacrificing your taste for contemporary luxury. Arrive in style in the hotel’s Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. The Rolls and a Mercedes van are also available to take your guests sightseeing within a 3-mile radius of the hotel.

The honeymoon suite is included with all wedding packages, but for your guests, the hotel has 160 rooms. Some have charming turn-of-the-century decor, while others in a newer wing have “Mountain Modern” appointments. All of the rooms have the latest amenities, complimentary Wifi, Aveda toiletries and great views. If you want to be more private, there is also a meticulously restored 1900s carriage house across the street that sleeps 15.

One of the major highlights is the food. Their cuisine is unpretentious and fresh, featuring regional, seasonal ingredients. There are two restaurants onsite, a speakeasy style bar on the lower level, and a coffee bar in the lobby. Their signature restaurant, Spruce Farm & Fish, is unfussy, offering creative versions of traditional dishes. The Corner Bar, their casual restaurant, is open 365 days of the year from 11 a.m. to midnight. Atmospheric License No. 1 bar specializes in drinks from the Prohibition era and has a pool table, dual dartboards, a jukebox, and a photo booth. There is ample seating in the lobby and Boxcar Coffee switches to small bites at Happy Hour, making it a relaxing communal space for hanging out.

As you whirl around the ballroom for your first dance, imagine all of the fabulous parties Hotel Boulderado has thrown since that first gala they held to introduce the hotel to the world on December 31st, 1908.

Call the Hotel Boulderado Sales Department at (303) 440-2880 to learn more about their customizable wedding packages.

**Contributed by Emily Polsby.

Want to Elope? Here are Awesome Places to Get Married Fast in California!

In a previous article, we broke the news about getting married on the Mendocino Coast of Northern California. Just three and a half hours north of San Francisco, this paradise-on-the-Pacific has miles of pristine shoreline, forests of ancient redwoods, award-winning wineries and quaint inns and resorts. Mendocino is known for laid back elegance, with haute cuisine and fine wines served up without the hauteur or the inflated prices.

But what if you want to get married really fast? Without all of the all-consuming planning?

If you crave the simplicity of an elopement with everything prearranged so you can relish the beauty of nature together, here are three Mendocino properties – all with spectacular ocean views – that offer terrific elopement packages:

Former Vogue editor André Leon Talley says the Brewery Gulch Inn is one of his favorite hotels in the world. Travel + Leisure just named them the #2 Best Resort in California and one of the top 15 resorts in the Continental US – and for $1,000 you can be married in this dreamy inn. They handle everything – from ceremony and celebrant to photos and flowers. For $1,600 they also provide the cake, hair and make up, Roederer sparkling wine, and a couples’ massage. The ambiance is like staying in the elegant Arts and Crafts country home of a dear friend, with fluffy feather beds and soft throws in front of the fireplace in your room. Their Executive Chef only cooks for guests and hand made pastries are always on offer by the front desk. Accommodations are extra and you will savor selecting from one of their delightful rooms – they only have 10, the better to treat each guest like a VIP. Room prices start at $335.

Just down the coast you will find the Little River Inn, a mini-resort surrounded by rolling lawns that connect to uncrowded Van Damme State Park. In addition to a chef-driven restaurant (they are awarded “Best Crab Cakes on the Coast” year after year), they have an Audubon-certified 9-hole golf course, regulation tennis courts and a full service salon and spa. This property has been the same family for five generations and couples who have been married there sometimes come back for decades to celebrate their anniversaries. The Inn’s elopement package starts at $2,300 and includes Champagne or sparkling cider and memory glasses upon arrival, an hour with a professional photographer, officiant, cake, flowers, a three-course dinner with hand-selected wine, breakfast in bed, and up to five hours consultation with their events coordinator. You pay for your room separately but you have many choices. They have 66 rooms, starting at $180 a night and running all the way up to the stand-alone seaside Mallory House with a private view hot tub on your deck.


The Inn at Newport Ranch sits high atop rugged cliffs and has panoramic views across the ocean. Built in 2015 to be one of the most atmospheric properties on earth, this architectural wonder is set on 2,000 exclusive acres with 20 miles of private trails and beaches at your disposal. Other highlights include a view hot tub on an old water tower, whispering sweet nothings in their enormous walk through fireplace and feasting on “ranch comfort” cuisine. Their elopement package starts at $2,750 and includes a two-day adventure in this serene, untouched wilderness, complete with fresh flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries when you arrive, an ATV ride to select a perfect, perfectly romantic spot to say your vows, three-course dinners the night before and the night of, photos, cake, officiant, sparkling toasts, and more. Choose among rooms in five fabulous buildings, including the Grove Suite, which has floor to ceiling redwood trees and sweeping views over the Pacific. Rooms at the Inn at Newport Ranch start at $350.

**Contributed by Emily Polsby.

Coastal Mendocino – California’s Secret Wedding Wonderland

If you like the dramatic cliffs of Half Moon Bay –  and the foodie charm of Napa – but don’t want your destination wedding to be a budget buster for your guests, you should check out the coast of Mendocino County. Just north of the rolling vineyards of Sonoma and a three and a half hour drive from San Francisco, Mendocino has award-winning wineries of their own, a generations’ old tradition of hyper-local cuisine, and most of all, miles and miles of pristine coastline with sweeping views of the Pacific. Uncrowded, with a friendly casual atmosphere, Mendocino has been a favorite secret destination for couples who love the outdoors for many years.

Activities abound. Hike through some of the oldest redwoods on earth, explore sea caves and gentle rivers on a kayak, wine taste without the fees, or just stroll the quaint Victorian village of Mendocino and browse art galleries and boutiques.

You won’t find big chain hotels on the Mendocino Coast but you will find inns with charm to spare and experienced wedding planning staff.

Here are two Mendocino inns that have particularly attractive packages for weddings of up to 200 or 99 people, respectively:

You can host up to 200 at The Little River Inn, the Mendocino Coast’s only full service resort. The original inn is a stunning wedding cake Victorian overlooking the Pacific that has been augmented with more modern buildings tucked around it. The property has 66 rooms at every price point – every single one with views of the ocean. Run by the same family for five generations, the Inn is extremely geared to families and kids – they even welcome the family dog. Amenities include an onsite spa and salon, an award-winning restaurant, and Ole’s Whale Watch Bar, where you can do just that over a locally brewed beer and a chat with a crusty local. Packages start at $6,000. Options include the fun Game Day package that takes advantage of the inn’s regulation tennis courts and golf course (for up to 80; starts at $11,500). Or select the elegant Mallory Cliff Top, (starts at $24,000 off-season for 200 people) with a romantic bluff-top ceremony, an additional catered event, and four nights use of a stand-alone seaside cottage complete with two private ocean-view hot tubs.

For a more intimate affair, the Inn at Newport Ranch is an elite playground on a 2,000-acre private preserve where you can have a wedding of up to 99. The recently built inn oozes rustic chic – from the Main Inn with a walk through fireplace to the Fireside Spa in a grove of redwood trees. The fascinating buildings were handcrafted with the object of bringing the stunning outdoor setting inside and the property is totally unique. It has the ambiance of a 5-star resort and much of their “ranch comfort” cuisine comes from their own organic gardens. There are 20 miles of trails, empty beaches, stands of ancient trees, and 50-mile panoramic views across the sea from their 7-person hot tub on a re-purposed water tower. You can explore on foot, horseback, or via an ATV-tour. Because the wild and wonderful experience is why you come to this wind-swept corner of the world, all of the packages require you to reserve all of the property, which sleeps 34. Kids are only permitted with a buyout of the property and pets must be left at home – the inn is adjacent to a working ranch. Weddings for 6-34 people start at $20,000. At the upper end, the Coastal Bluff wedding for up to 99 starts at $55,000 and includes three full days of events for your guests – from your rehearsal and welcome reception the night before overlooking the Pacific to the full ranch breakfasts the day after your ceremony.

**Contributed by Emily Polsby | Images used with permission.

Affordable West Coast Honeymoon Idea – Little Creek Casino Resort

You’ve picked out your dress. Decided on matching wedding bands. Sampled a dozen or so dishes from the catering hall. Maybe even fought a little bit about the ice sculpture.

Now it’s time to think about your honeymoon. It’s your hard-earned reward after months of decision making.

But don’t forget – you have to plan that as well!

If an affordable West Coast honeymoon is on your radar, you might want to consider Little Creek Casino Resort.

For true immersion into the Pacific Northwest, Little Creek Casino Resort provides the distraction-free escape that newlyweds desire, with premium two-room suites running around $255 a night and access to their top-ranked golf course and luxurious spa just steps away.

Only one hour outside from Seattle, Little Creek is a full-amenity resort tucked into the Kamilche Valley. The resort features a spectrum of lodging choices, including 90 newly remodeled rooms. The revamped accommodations showcase increased living space, new décor, bedding, enlarged bathrooms with towel warmers and glass walk-in showers. Owned and operated by the Squaxin Island Tribe, beautiful Native American design is reflected in each room’s style and colors which complement the artwork featured throughout the resort.

Located on the South Puget Sound, Little Creek serves some of the freshest seafood in the Pacific Northwest. The popular Squaxin Island Seafood Bar offers favorites like local Dungeness crab and ocean-fresh oysters. Honeymooners can enjoy their evenings visiting the Skookum Spirit Cigar and Wine Lounge, where a variety of choices await and live music is played on weekends. Their casino sets the standard for gaming excitement in Western Washington, as it features the latest in electronic and table gaming with both smoke and smoke-free casino floors.

Salish Cliffs Golf Club is a notable amenity at Little Creek recently named to Golfweek’s “2018 Best Courses You Can Play in Washington”. Traversing 300 feet of elevation change, Salish Cliffs offers a pure golf setting that is free of homes, parallel fairways and other hindrances. With bentgrass greens, tees, and fairways, this par-72 championship course offers a memorable, and very fun, round for all golfers.

Seven Inlets is the ideal retreat, incorporating local Native American healing elements and design for a truly Western Washington inspired spa experience. A 50-minute couple classic Swedish couples massage is comfortably priced at $160. Seven Inlets offers a relaxing collection of massage therapies, organic facials and body treatments that incorporate seasonal, all-natural products.

Guests can book Little Creek’s “Stay and Relax” or “Romance Package” to truly enjoy the romantic treat of an affordable West Coast honeymoon.

**Content provided by Little Creek Casino Resort.

Need a Great Hotel in San Francisco? Try the Clift Royal Sonesta.

San Francisco is classic honeymoon destination – trendy restaurants, breathtaking views from those crazy hills, and romantic nights watching the fog roll off the Pacific and engulf the Golden Gate Bridge.

You can find all of the hotel chains there of course, but if you are looking for the true San Francisco experience, and trying to stay below $300 a night, you can’t do better than the Clift Royal Sonesta. It was built in 1915 for San Francisco’s elite and it retains that upscale atmosphere today, with chic, Art Deco-esque interiors by designer Philippe Starck. Through the lobby you will find the renowned Redwood Room, with original fixtures including an etched glass bar and paneling carved from a single 2,000- year-old tree. They have local DJs on weekends, transforming the historical Grand Dame into a sophisticated nightclub. Each of the hotel’s rooms is smartly appointed and screams old world glamour.

The Clift makes a perfect headquarters for your SF-sojourn. It’s located in the theater district, about two blocks from Union Square, a paradise for shoppers. There you can grab a cable car and take a thrilling ride down to Fisherman’s Wharf for some fresh crab followed by an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista Café, one of the city’s institutions. They also have complementary bikes on offer so you can explore farther afield.

Return to the Clift later that day and unwind over one of the Redwood Room’s signature cocktails and bites—some of which are infused with honey from their own bee hives—or lounge in the Ralph Lauren-designed Living Room.

The hotel is decidedly high-end but it doesn’t have to be pricey. For summer they have 20% off rooms starting at $183 with a two night-minimum. They also give you 15% off with advance purchase and discounts if you stay three nights or more. Check their offers page to see current deals.

San Francisco is both traditional and cutting-edge. The Clift embodies both aspects of this fascinating city.

**Contributed by Emily Polsby

Upgrade Your Wedding to Legendary in Carson Valley

There’s the neatly packaged wedding, and then there’s your dream wedding – a unique and authentic experience that your guests will remember for a lifetime. In Carson Valley, weddings are legendary. Unprocessed adventures appear fresh daily. Real characters introduce you to wild horses, whitewater thrills, off-piste powder, vast golf courses, trails, glider rides, charmingly creaky restaurants and the perfect bar stool for rehearsing your magical day. Carson Valley is a wedding destination that gives ‘dream wedding’ a whole new meaning.

Carson Valley goes beyond rustic. It is the Great American West, where your wedding can be as big as the landscape. In Carson Valley, the Sierra Nevadas cast a panoramic mountain backdrop, the sun shines 300 days a year, working ranches stretch as far as they eye can see and romantic historic buildings dot the charming communities that make up the valley, including Gardnerville, Genoa, Minden and Topaz Lake.


Carson Valley beckons you to unplug into a pace that’s reminiscent of an older time while also being very convenient with wedding-ready weather all year ‘round. Your wedding guests will appreciate the convenience of Reno International Airport, just 45 miles north of Carson Valley. At an elevation of 4,700 feet and sheltered by the Carson Range of the Sierra Nevada to the west and the Pinenut Mountains to the east, the broad Carson Valley enjoys relatively mild winters among its four distinct seasons.

Weddings in Carson Valley invite your guests to discover outdoor adventure, wildlife and entertainment, or the opportunity to completely unwind. In Carson Valley, there’s an activity for every guest; from thrilling mountain bike trails to hot spring soaks, scenic hikes to historical tours.

For more about planning a wedding in Carson Valley, visit

More About Carson Valley: Nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada, Carson Valley begs visitors to not just drive through it, but to it. Located 45 minutes south of Reno-Tahoe International Airport and 12 miles east of South Lake Tahoe, the region’s natural beauty is legendary: wide-open farms, ranches, bands of wild horses and birds of prey dot the landscape. Outdoor recreation enthusiasts follow all points of the compass with more than 50+ miles of hiking, mountain biking or walking trails along with world class road biking. The valley’s museums, arts, antiquing, Basque dining, historic watering holes and more add to the destination’s authentic culture. The region includes the communities of Minden, Gardnerville, Topaz Lake and Genoa, Nevada’s first settlement dating back to 1851. Explore the land of everyday legends at

Content supplied by RAD Strategies. Images used with permission.

How To Make a Flight Attendant Your Friend While Traveling

With your honeymoon – comes traveling. For a lot of people, their honeymoon of choice might be somewhere in a different climate. Or an exotic location. Traveling to these destinations requires flying quite a distance.

Depending on where you live in the United States, parts of the Caribbean are at least a two-hour flight. Europe is five to six hours if you live on the East Coast. Hawaii is nearly twelve hours from New York.

That’s a lot of time on a plane!

USA Today just published a great article that asks this question – have you ever stopped to think about what it’s like to work in that cramped space, taking care of 200 people? And at 39,000 feet?

10 Ways to Make Your Flight Attendant Your Friend offers tips on not only how to make the flight more pleasant for the flight attendant, but also for yourself and those around you.

Here are a few ways to win the heart of your flight attendant. And to make your trip a more pleasant one.

  • Be nice. It’s the easiest thing to do. Many of us have fears while traveling. You may be tired or frustrated. That’s when it’s time to breathe and keep your behavior in check. A $500 seat rental does not entitle anyone to start dishing out abuse. Imagine if your family member was a flight attendant (or airline employee). How would you treat them?
  • Be ready to sit in your seat. Have your iPhone, iPad or laptop already handy so you don’t have to clog the aisle searching for them before putting a bag in the overhead compartment. You can even keep smaller items in a separate bag that fits within your bag, so it’s easy to take out.
  • Check your bag if it’s too heavy. Simply put – if it’s too heavy and you’re alone, check it at the gate. Most airlines have strict rules against cabin crew from helping with bags because of possible injury due to heavy lifting. Even if your flight attendant wanted to help you, they might not be allowed to.

For more ways to help make your flight to anywhere a more pleasant experience (and make your flight attendant your friend), please read 10 Ways to Make Your Flight Attendant Your Friend.

Full disclosure – I was called up to the front of a plane in the middle of an overnight flight. Thinking something was wrong, I was very surprised that the flight attendant was letting me sit in an open first-class seat. Why? Because I was so nice to the flight attendants.

So yes – courtesy works!


Need Honeymoon Ideas? Here Are a Few Suggestions…

Your wedding planning is a long process that involves a lot of time and stress. But when it’s over – it’s time to relax.  Hopefully!

And the ideal honeymoon for most is a stress free break in an exotic destination with plenty of sunshine and culture.

These days –  the world really is your oyster when it comes to choosing the ideal honeymoon location. But the world is a BIG place! Where to go? What to do?

We’re here to help you. Below are just a few honeymoon ideas:

• Always popular with newlyweds, Italy is a romantic and beautiful country – from the sophisticated elegance and natural beauty of Sorrento to the inspiring energy of Rome.

• Competing with Italy in the romantic destination stakes is the Dubrovnik Riviera in Croatia. The area enjoys an old world atmosphere and unspoiled beauty, coupled with top class hotels in stunning locations and boasting panoramic views of the Adriatic and Elaphite Islands.

• Many long-haul honeymooners are now opting for Mauritius – often described as the ultimate paradise with white sandy beaches, coral lagoons and sweeping sugar plantations. Mauritius has dozens of quiet romantic hideaways and has traditionally been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations with lots of top-class resorts to choose from.

• St Lucia is another honeymoon hot spot. The island is one of the most scenic in the Caribbean, with a stunning coastline of powder fine sandy beaches overlooked by volcanic peaks. It’s the perfect post-wedding destination for a quiet and relaxing escape.

• Around the other side of the world, New Zealand is a simply stunning destination. A country of incredible contrasts you can climb a glacier, hike across a volcano, swim with dolphins, watch whales or just bask on a beautiful beach.

• Thailand is another choice for the adventurous couple. The South East Asian country has great value hotels with excellent facilities and world-renowned hospitality, stunning beaches, rainforest adventures, fascinating culture and bargain basement shopping.

• Lanzarote is another great destination for fantastic picture perfect honeymoon snaps. Couples can laze away by the beach or pool or take advantage of vibrant and varied night life in the island’s many restaurants, clubs and bars. Newly weds feeling energized by love can enjoy jet skiing or wind surfing while a romantic trip to the volcanic landscape of Timanfaya National Park is certain to take the breath away.

• Portugal is another honeymoon hot-spot. The 160km coastal stretch along the Portuguese Algarve boasts spectacular scenery, warm seas and a fantastic sunny climate. Renowned for its spectacular beaches, the Algarve is dotted with hidden coves and relaxing beaches where the water is calm. Do you like to golf? Grooms might take note of the 30 golf courses in the region while brides might be tempted by the shopping opportunities with an abundance of cheap handmade silver, ceramics, leather goods and jewellery on offer in the markets.

• Majorca – the largest of the beautiful Balearic Islands – has long been a favorite with newlyweds. Majorca has a typical Mediterranean climate. In summer, the average temperature is 74º Fahrenheit and the skies remain blue throughout the season.

• Munnar will be the perfect honeymoon destination in Kerala. It has been chosen as the “Best Romantic Destination in India” by Lonely Planet. The misty climate and the eye catching sights of the lush tea plantations are its specialties. Munnar is located in the Western Ghats 1,532 m above sea level. Munnar is an ideal place to spend your happy honeymoon days. Mountains, greenery, trekking, amazing wildlife, exotic waterfalls, and lakes and of course the tea gardens make it as a paradise destination for all kinds of travelers. When you go for Kerala tour packages to Munnar there are plenty of splendid places to visit. Cheeyappara waterfalls, Attukal waterfalls, Tea Museum, Echo point, Mattupetty Dam, Kundala Lake, Top station, and Eravikulam national park are some of the popular destinations in Munnar that you can include in your travel itinerary.

• If you want to have some unique travel experience you just go for a backwater honeymoon trip to Alleppey. The spectacular views of the pristine nature will entice you. A luxury house boat trip with your better half will be an everlasting memory for you. You can have delicious sea foods during the house boat cruise. The paddy fields, small canals and palm lined waterways and the village ambiance give an exotic look to Alleppey. There are lots backwater resorts with luxurious amenities and features. So plan your Kerala trip with some trusted tour operator to this God’s own country.

What Do You Worry About When Traveling?

Traveling is fun. But traveling is also stressful. According to*, consumers have said dealing with delayed flights and cancelled flights are the most stressful part of traveling. Along with delays and cancellations, trying to find a good flight price, having to deal with crowds and luggage are also on travelers’ minds.

Over 2,000 travelers were surveyed, and all intended to travel within the next year. Here are the top rated travel stresses and peeves:

  • 66.6% worry about flight cancellations or delays
  • 38% worry about finding the best price for a flight
  • 37.2% are concerned about illness or injury affecting travel plans
  • 36.1% have anxiety related to crowds and congestion
  • 27.1% worry about luggage size issues

Yikes! And if the stress towards per-flight issues are not enough, here’s what travelers get annoyed with about after boarding the plane:

  • 56.8% get angry with repeated seat kickers behind them
  • 33.5% worry about people in front reclining their seat
  • 32.1% dislike loud passengers
  • 25.5% dislike babies crying during the flight
  • 24.5% worry about overhead bin space for their bag
  • 18.7% get upset with aisle cloggers
  • 15.6% get upset by passengers who leave a mess in the lavatory

If you plan on going on a honeymoon or want a destination wedding, most likely you’ll have to board a plane. Hopefully you can address some of the worries and fears associated with traveling ahead of time.

The truth is – nothing is as bad as it seems. A glass of wine or simple breathing exercises may be all you need to get through the hard parts of traveling. Remember – we’re only here once, so try and enjoy each day!

Happy Traveling!

Honeymoon Destinations – The Caribbean’s Bonaire

Honeymoon destinations are getting harder to tell apart. More and more honeymoon destinations have fallen victim to over commercialization. Most tend to have similar atmospheres. One resort may look like another, which looks like yet another, and so on. While many new brides and grooms might not care, others may be looking for a truly unique spot. In this world, there are those who cannot live without McDonald’s and Starbucks. There are also many who feel comfortable all alone on a deserted beach. As “they” say – to each their own.

In past articles, I’ve featured Belize as one of THE honeymoon destinations that should be on your list. And it still should be. But recently I have also come across another extremely beautiful place that should be STRONGLY considered as well – Bonaire! It may actually just have moved into first place on our list!

Bonaire is of the last remaining Caribbean islands that still has an exciting “undiscovered” feel. While its neighbors Aruba and Curacao have many of the amenities that most modern Americans are used to – like the aforementioned McDonald’s and Starbucks, Bonaire is much less developed. You won’t find any of the sprawling resorts or big hotel chains that populate most of the region. In fact, the pink flamingo population rivals that of actual humans. Traffic lights are also non-existent. Very few building are higher than a palm tree. Bonaire is committed to conservation, so local powdery beaches, amazing coral reefs and picturesque tropical vegetation all remain unspoiled. Imagine that!

Sound interesting?

Bonaire also has one of the mildest climates in the Caribbean. It only rains an average of 22 inches a year. An easterly trade wind helps keep you cool. Both water and air temperatures hover around a constant 80 degrees. Bonaire is also located outside of the area’s hurricane belt. So you won’t have to worry about your honeymoon being spoiled during the storm season. Just thirty miles east of Curacao and fifty miles north of Venezuela, Bonaire can be reached with a direct flight out of Newark or Houston (via United Airlines), and on Delta Airlines out of Atlanta. Short flights also take off out of Aruba and Curacao.

If being underwater is your style, Bonaire is a diver’s dream. In fact, it’s basically a sea lover’s dream in general. There’s plenty of boating opportunities, kayaking, wind surfing and deep sea fishing. Should you find yourself too water logged, then feel free to stay on land to bike or hike. Heck – just plant yourself on a beach! Whatever your activity, it’s available in Bonaire.

Still sound interesting?

If Bonaire sound like it belongs on your list of honeymoon destinations, then please consider our friends at Harbour Village. Harbour Village offers Dutch-Caribbean styles suites with the same privacy as a residential stay. There’s fine dining with magnificent waterside views. A five-star PADI dive shop. Boat charters, island tours or other types of excursions can be planned for you by the Harbour Village concierge. Need to relax after months of wedding planning? Then you’ve come to the right place for stress free relaxing as well.

For more information on Harbour Village Beach Club, visit or call 1-800-424-0004.

***Images courtesy of Harbour Village.

The 5 Stages Of Getting Invited To A Destination Wedding

Well, here it is! The wedding season is upon us, especially since Spring has rolled in. As the weather warms and the snow melts, you can actually feel nuptials in the air. These days, destination weddings are very popular. But not everyone can afford it. So what’s one to do if they get invited, but unsure if they can afford the expense?

Elite Daily’s new video 5 Stages Of Getting Invited To A Destination Wedding is a humorous interpretation of how many might feel after getting a destination wedding invitation in the mail. Sometimes there’s happiness and joy. But sometimes there’s anxiety or issues. Which side of the fence are you on?

Dream Big for Your Destination Wedding!

Most little girls dream of meeting a prince, marrying a millionaire or having a destination wedding that will be truly unforgettable. Of the three, the latter is probably the most realistic. All over the world, there are all sorts of unusual places that double as seriously impressive spots where you can say “I do.” Imagine the pictures!

Well, you don’t have to imagine any more. Elite Daily’s new article These Badass Destination Weddings Take Fairytale Endings to a New Level features breathtaking images of truly spectacular destination wedding settings. They will inspire you to think outside the box. Dream big! Why not tie the knot in a stunning locale that will make your special day simply unforgettable?

Some Great Caribbean Honeymoon Locations!

Are you looking for some fun in the sun? Great! A Caribbean honeymoon destination will be perfect for you. The Knot is helping you chose between 9 perfect sun-drenched islands. Bahamas is one of the most visited islands, and also voted as a “favorite” by recent honeymooners. If you’re in the mood for great island cuisine, try Jamaica. Any of the 9 islands provide to you by The Knot will be an amazing experience for you and your lifetime partner.

10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Belize


In case you didn’t know, Belize is a small coastal country in Central America. After reviewing and featuring dozens upon dozens of honeymoon or vacation destinations, we’ve found that Belize is a lesser-known treasure. It’s easy to get to and very affordable. So when considering your perfect honeymoon spot – why not put Belize on your list?

Here are ten facts that you probably didn’t know about this very cool country:

  1. As of February, 2016, the Belize currency exchange is extremely easy for American visitors. The Belize dollar is locked at $2 Belize for every $1 USD. Basically – you double your money. So it’s pretty simple to see how much something costs in USD when you go shopping.
  2. Almost everyone speaks English in Belize; it’s the only English language-speaking country in Central America. While English is the official language of Belize, Kriol is the language that the natives all speak as well. So save your money on that online Spanish class. You’ll be able to communicate just fine!
  3. The climate is always just right! With an average yearly temperature of 84° F (29°C), it’s always warm, yet still comfortable. Costal sea breezes along with jungle rain forests keep you cool even in the hottest summer months. Even in winter (November-March) the temperature in Belize rarely falls below 60°F (16°C), while the summer (May-September) is around 86°F (30°C). Worried about your hair frizzing? Humidity is also fairly consistent at around 85 percent. Overall, the climate is pretty much near perfect. So don’t pack your boots or mittens. It’s all flip-flops and shorts.
  4. Like cats? I mean – really BIG cats? Belize has the only Jaguar reserve in the world, otherwise known as Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary.
  5. Like fast food? Sorry, you may be out of luck. Popular franchises such as McDonalds, KFC and Burger King cannot be found. You’ll have to stick with fresh local food and great weather. A typical Belizean lunch might include tamales, meat pies, seafood, cassava, garnaches (fried tortillas with beans, cheese and sauce), panades (fried maize shells with beans or fish), chirmole (soup), coleslaw, escabeche (onion soup) and vegetables
  6. Do you snorkel or scuba dive? The Barrier Reef is Belize’s top tourist destination and in 2014, it attracted over 300,000 visitors, which is about the same as the official population of the country. The reef is also vital to Belize’s fishing industry.
  7. Are you a bird watcher? Over 540 species of our little feathered friends have been recorded in Belize.
  8. Get your monkey on! Belize’s Black Howler Monkeys are one of the top 10 loudest animals in the world.
  9. There are two seasons in Belize – rainy season (May to November) and dry season (February to May).
  10. Whale sharks, which are harmless to humans, are also spotted in Belize waters. The best time to watch for them is in the spring. Whale sharks are actually quite gentle and can be playful with divers. See? Not all sharks are man-eaters. The biggest risk associated with swimming with whale sharks is being accidentally hit with one of their big tail fins. Keep your eyes open!

Have we peaked your interest about Belize? Feel free to contact our friend Lara at to arrange for the honeymoon or vacation of a lifetime.

Where Will You Go for Your Honeymoon?

Need an idea for your honeymoon? After all, you’ve picked out your rings (or have you?), your wedding dress, the color that you’re making the bridesmaids wear, a menu designed to please EVERYONE, and hundreds of other details that you never even though about. But after it’s all over – where will you go?

Check out our Pinterest board – Favorite Places and Spaces. We add to it every day, so be sure to visit frequently.

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Wedding Planning Advice: 5 Fantastic Alternative Wedding Venues

Your wedding day is likely to be the happiest day of your life, and one you will never forget. Every bride and groom wants three things from their wedding day: wedding rings they can keep and treasure forever, a perfect day they will never forget, and a unique wedding venue that will delight their guests. It can be something of a challenge to find the right wedding venue to satisfy all of your requirements, and this is usually the aspect of a wedding that it takes the happy couple longest to choose. If you’re looking for something really unusual that no one would expect, here are five fantastic alternative wedding venue ideas:

A Private Island Wedding

If you love the beach and always dreamed of getting married in flip flops with the sand between your toes then why not consider a private island wedding? Many people dream of getting married on the beach but don’t like the idea of a stray surfer or dog walker stumbling into their wedding photos or spoiling the quiet intimacy of their special moment. Hiring your own private island means that you can be sure the only people on the beach to watch your intimate nuptials are your invited guests. It’s a wonderful way to have a low key outdoors wedding whilst still having something unusual you’ll remember forever. If money is no object then why not follow in the footsteps of the rich and famous and get married on Necker Island, Richard Branson’s personal private island in the British Virgin Islands. According to CNN, celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Eddie Murphy, Geena Davis, Kate Moss and Robert De Niro have all spent vacation time on the island.

A Music Festival Wedding

If you share a love of music with your fiancé and love attending music festivals then why not use that as your wedding inspiration? Did you know that you can now get married at several large music festivals? At Burning Man, for example, you can get married for just $60 and then spend the rest of your weekend enjoying the music you love with the people you love. This won’t be a dream wedding for everyone, but it could be the perfect choice for a low-key music loving couple.

Choose Your Favorite Museum

Why not share your passion with your guests by getting married at your favorite museum or gallery? If you and your beloved bonded over your mutual love of dinosaurs, for example, then where better to get married than in your local natural history museum? Most museums and galleries offer their spaces for weddings, and because of their large ceilings and open areas they make wonderful wedding locations too. Look for a space with unusual details such as stain glass windows or exposed brickwork to really make an impact.

Get Married at Sea

If you’d like to get married abroad but you’re struggling to decide which country you’d most like to get married in, why not get married at sea instead? As Iglu Cruise explain, having a wedding at sea is not only a romantic notion, but a reality. Your wedding could be along the most stunning coastlines of Chile’s fjords, sailing alongside the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean or Mediterranean or even while crossing the Atlantic, on the way to your honeymoon. Your friends and family will be delighted if you opt for a cruise ship wedding, as it will mean that not only do they get to be involved in your special day, they get a vacation as well! NBC news research has shown that choosing a wedding cruise could be an affordable marital option too. Finally, a cruise ship wedding also gives you the perfect wedding theme: why not have your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear navy blue and inject nautical touches into your wedding décor and favors?

Why Not Under the Sea?

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the most unusual type of wedding of all: an underwater scuba diving wedding! There are many wonderful tropical locations, such as Bali, that offer underwater weddings. Your underwater ceremony will last around 15 minutes, then you’re free to enjoy the rest of your day with your guests either on a diving boat out at sea or on the beach front. A scuba diving wedding is ideal for keen divers, but even novices looking for something a little unusual can be married underwater: just think, at least you won’t have to worry too much about what your hair and make up look like!

Big Buzz for Mayan Marriage of Many on 12-12-12!


Are you looking for the wedding of a lifetime? Well here it is! The Mayan Marriage of Many will bring together 36 lucky couples to be married on 12-12-12 in Belize. This unique wedding package really is one of a kind, as the brides and grooms to be will be wedded on sacred Mayan grounds and temples. Recently Bridal Buzz gave this event coverage; a Dallas-area couple was selected as a prize winner for the Mayan Marriage of Many giveaway. Local residents may attend a special cocktail party to help a lucky couple celebrate winning a trip to Belize for this truly special event. You just gotta love it!

When Blushing Bride Boutique in Frisco was asked by Influency Group to locate a couple to participate in their contest to win a wedding in the Mayan Mountains of Belize they jumped at the chance.  And now, that couple has either won the grand prize or a runner-up package and the world will find out which it is on the morning of February 13.

So, what does all this have to do with you? Well, to celebrate the couple, Romantic Travel Belize is hosting a cocktail reception event from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. the evening of February 13 at the historic Frisco Heritage Center Depot and it is open to the public.

Read – You’re Cordially Invited to the “Unbelizeably in Love Cocktail Reception.”

Photography: Jose Luis Zapata Photography

Have a Mayan Wedding on 12-12-12.

Mayan wedding

Now that 2-1-12 has passed, one of the next numerical milestones will be 12-12-12, and all the worry about the end of the Mayan calendar. The question is this – will the world really end before the end of 2012? Or will there be a series of catastrophic events that will illustrate that the end is near for all of modern mankind? Well, if you believe how the media interprets the meaning behind the end of the Mayan calendar, and if you are also thinking about getting married by the time 2012 concludes, now is the time to consider a wedding that truly is once in what may be a very short lifetime. In fact, you probably should think about Belize as the wedding destination of your choice. After all, if something REALLY bad is going to happen, then you may as well go out with style. Or by having the time and wedding of your life!

Mayan wedding

December 2012 will mark the end of the 5,126 year era in the Mayan Calendar. But instead of it being a sign of mortal finality and/or destruction, it probably should be thought of as a time of renewal, rebirth, renaissance and new beginnings. In honor of this historic and spiritual moment, thirty-six adventurous, fortunate and spiritually motivated couples along with two hundred and eighteen of their closest friends and family will partake in the unique Mayan Marriage of Many wedding celebration in Belize. This grand wedding event will be staged on an ancient Maya Temple at the 3200 year old Mayan City of Cahal Pech on December 12, 2012 (that’s 12-12-12). At the same time, in five other exotic resort locations in Ambergris Caye, five additional couples will each hold their own separate full court fairytale wedding nuptials event as well.

Package for the group weddings in Cahal Pech range from $14,030 to $24,030 for the Bridal Couple (depending on their chosen hotel and other add-on options) and includes a 5-night Mini-Moon, all receptions, day tours, etc. Packages for guest couples start at $5,030 for December 9-13, 2012, with custom mini-cations also available.

While in Belize, brides, grooms and guests will be able to enjoy an exciting choice of activities that the land has to offer including zip lining, Maya massage and other healing, arts medicine trails with Maya shaman, horseback riding, Caracol and other Maya site exploration, bird watching, kayaking, cave tubing, exploring ancient caves with human remains, museums, botanical gardens, a world class zoo, repelling, spelunking, scuba diving or snorkeling around the second largest barrier reef in the world, helicopter tours, mountain biking, yoga and more.

For additional information on wedding events, packages and resort accommodations go to

Belize: An Affordable Slice of Paradise


Once the wedding is over, the ice sculpture has melted and the gifts have been safely put away, it’s obviously time for the honeymoon. But with today’s challenging economy, traveling to a far off exotic location may be difficult. Flights can be very long and very expensive, and once you get there the costs might keep piling up. There’s almost no end in sight! However, when planning a trip to the honeymoon destination of your choice, you may wish to consider visiting Belize. It’s beautiful, affordable and home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, so you can forget having to travel all day across the globe for a top notch diving experience. And what could be more unusual, more cutting edge, more chic than a visit to the Mayan Ruins of Belize! Can you think of a more romantic way to spend a night of your honeymoon while on top of a Mayan Temple? Wow! That sounds magical and brilliant! Where do I sign up?


As far as travel goes, Belize is just a brief flight from Houston, Dallas, Miami or Atlanta; you can catch the approximately two hour flight daily from either of these gateway cities. Also, if the hustle and bustle of city life is getting you down, then you definitely want to keep Belize in mind. Apparently there are only four – count ‘em FOUR – traffic lights among the 300,000 citizens. English is this land’s official language, but you can also break out your High School Spanish or Kriol if you want. And ladies, don’t forget the proper swimwear! Belize is home to fabulous beaches and beautiful waters.


Overall, Belize offers a safe visit to paradise, and the 2:1 currency exchange ratio (one US dollar equals two Belize dollars) can work in your favor, too. See? Tropical bliss does not have to break the bank! Keep in mind that the overall climate is generally cooler than most of the surrounding countries, so if sweating is NOT your thing, you have a fairly good chance at remaining reasonably comfortable during your journey. Consider Belize your own little cost effective slice of heaven that’s just a hop, skip and jump away from some of the United States’ travel hubs.

For more information, please visit Romantic Travel Association of Belize.

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