Try Wedding Planning with Pinterest

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Not long ago, when a bride-to-be wanted inspiration for her wedding planning, she ran to the local book store and bought every magazine on the newsstand. If the magazines weren’t enough, she went over to the book section to browse through whatever they stocked on the shelf. Aside from Martha Stewart, the wedding section usually contained the latest (yet often outdated) advice penned by the so-called experts of the day. Unfortunately, many of these books featured similar wedding advice and guidance. So if that eager bride-to-be wanted fresh ideas, she may have had to look far and wide.

These days, things are a little different. The social media explosion has put a ton of wedding planning information on almost every phone or tablet in America. Alongside the typical Google search, wedding websites and introduce brides to the latest advice from a variety of established wedding resources and brands. The days of lugging half a dozen magazines home every month are gone. The expense is also almost completely eliminated. It’s easy to sit back on a couch and browse. Tons of wedding ideas are at your fingertips.

One of the latest resources for wedding inspiration is Pinterest. Google Trends recent reported that more and more people are typing “Pinterest wedding planning” into their mobile devices. Instead of having to read through search results and hope that a link contains wedding planning gold, there’s an almost endless stream of graphics. Pinterest offers a vast supply of insights and wedding planning connections.

Need proof? Feel free to browse our Pinterest wedding planning board below!

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