Custom wedding bands = wedding bands by Novell.

Custom_wedding_bands_by_Novell Have you ever looked inside a jeweler’s showcase at wedding bands, and viewed a selection of styles that were close to what you have pictured in your mind, but not quite what you were envisioning? American wedding band manufacturer Novell can help solve that problem.

Almost all Novell wedding bands can be made wider, narrower, in different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), with different finishes, and much more. Their customization capabilities set them apart from nearly all other companies vying for a more visible position within the wedding band industry landscape. Your wedding band can literally be made your way, and just for you in a relatively short period of time. So when you think of the word “custom” and are looking for a wedding band with that special touch – think of Novell. Why settle for ordinary?

Need a wedding band that is wider than what you see? No problem.

Desire a wedding band style in another metal? Or white instead of yellow? No problem.

Want the edge from one wedding band style, but the braid from another? And a finish that is similar to yet another? Still no problem!!! Custom wedding bands are Novell’s specialty.

See actual wedding band customization examples by visiting Novell’s “Customize Your Wedding Ring” webpage on

To discuss all pricing and manufacturing options, please visit an authorized Novell wedding band retailer in your area.

View’s layout illustrating Novell’s customization capabilities.