What Do You Know About Palladium?

Novell palladium wedding bands

Novell’s American-created wedding bands can be made in platinum, palladium or gold. Just ask your local retailer!

Just about ten years ago, Novell Design Studio started offering palladium as an option for our precious metal wedding bands. Not all manufacturers or jewelers work with palladium well, but we’ve been very successful utilizing it. Surprisingly, its popularity has had highs and lows. It really is a great choice for your wedding band when platinum is not an option, but has yet to catch on among the brides and grooms-to-be. At bridal jewelry events all across the country, consumers do ask about this white metal. However, most choose white gold even though palladium may be the better selection.

If you haven’t heard of palladium, here are some basic facts:

  • Palladium is a precious metal, so it can be resized and refinished. Alternative metals such as titanium or tungsten cannot be sized.
  • Palladium is part of the Platinum Group Metals family.
  • Palladium is naturally white. Keep in mind that white gold is not, and may turn yellow over time.
  • Palladium is hypoallergenic.
  • Although similar looking to platinum, palladium is not as dense.
  • Platinum is the superior metal for bridal jewelry. Palladium is a good choice if platinum is not an option due to its price.

Need more help? Take a peek at our metals chart to compare the pros and cons of all popular wedding band metals side-by-side.