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Stacklable Rings – The Future for Wedding Bands

Brides are beginning to stray from typical wedding bands as stackable rings are becoming increasingly popular.

Because of this, Novell has jumped head first into the stackable ring market.

Introduced earlier this year, the Circles stackable collection was created as a celebration of art.

Handmade in America, Circles are meant to be collected and worn in random combination – with each intending to be stunningly unique.

With over forty interpretations in our growing collection, Circles are a fun, innovative, and affordable. It’s a product designed to energize precious metal sales.

And to shake the boredom out of the typical wedding band experience.

Have you thought about a stackable selection to surround your engagement ring? Or to wear as fashion rings? But not sure where to start?

It’s simple – just pick out your favorite designs and wear them any way you want. You can even change their order daily.

Stackable rings can transform a mundane wedding band search into a more creative process.

Need some ideas? Here are examples of how you can wear these stackable ring styles.

Notice how nicely they fit around simple engagement rings. They also sit well with almost any size diamond.

Be bold. Be creative. Let your mind go wild!

To purchase, just tell a Novell authorized retailer that you want to know more about Circles stackable rings.

Here are all styles individually (some variations may be missing – all designs can be made in white, yellow and rose gold):

Great Gift Ideas – Jewelry by Robert Manse Designs

Looking for some great gift ideas?

Christmas and Valentine’s Day – believe it or not – are creeping up on us!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it as well.

And don’t forget special birthdays and anniversaries.

If you are by your television on Wednesday, December 12th, you can see gorgeous handcrafted jewelry by Robert Manse Designs tonight with Colleen Lopez on HSN at 7PM EST.

Great gift ideas - see Robert Manse Designs jewelry on HSN.

Handmade jewelry is one of the best gift ideas ever!

Can’t watch? Or missed the show? Just head over to www.robertmansedesigns.com to see even more styles.

Here are a few featured designs from the Robert Manse Designs Gem RoManse Collection:

In addition to the Robert Manse Designs website, you can see more jewelry on HSN.com and Amazon.com.

And check back often. Great gift ideas are needed all year long!

More about Jewelry Designer Robert Manse
A New York City native, designer Robert Manse has been captivated with jewelry since he was a young boy. His first job in Manhattan was with a diamond jewelry manufacturer in Midtown Manhattan where he learned how to enchant his customers by providing quality jewelry at attainable prices. Over the course of many years, Robert was taken under the wing of two Master Designers who taught him the art of making fine and unique jewelry in the U.S. and abroad.

With over twenty-five years of expertise, Robert has designed several successful high-end jewelry brands and his lines have been showcased at some of the world’s top luxury retailers. From glamorous red-carpet looks to exotic hand-crafted silver creations, Robert Manse has customized jewelry for and dressed many a celebrity in his unique wearable art. Showcasing his collections at retailers and TV stations worldwide, he has traveled to some of the most exotic locales in search of the most passionate and skilled craftsmen and jewelers to bring his spectacular creations to life. From India to Hong Kong and Thailand to Bali, seeking the perfect balance of world-class gemstones and metals, keeping wear-ability and comfort in mind, Robert designs fashion-forward yet classic designs with bold color or material combinations. This is his never-ending passion.