Novell Retailer Jay Roberts Featured on CBS Philly

Engagement ring sales at Jay Roberts Jewelers – one of Jersey’s best jewelry retailers – are through the roof.

They’ve recently been featured on CBS Philly:

It turns out love is in the air, as many couples who have been staying at home together are deciding to make it official and put a ring on it. People have been cooped up for months and now, it appears love can blossom under those circumstances.

Time is of the essence as people waiting to profess their love refuse to waste any more of it.

“It’s at least double than we’ve seen in the last couple years,” Jay Golde, of Jay Roberts Jewelers, said.

Read all of Engagement Ring Sales Through The Roof As Couples Cooped Up Together For Months Make It Official.

They also have seen couples that are going straight for wedding bands without the engagement.

Of all the things that have changed over the past few months due to corona virus, the tradition of courting and couples in the spring is still going strong.

People still want to get married!

Interested in creating and engagement ring or wedding band of your very own?

Ask them how our Custom Shop can help you design an engagement ring or wedding band of your very own.

Novell and CJUSA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy

Novell, CJUSA, and our staffs are committed to an aggressive protocol as we do our part to slow, avoid, and eventually eradicate COVID-19. We are being as proactive as possible as we adjust to a crisis lifestyle, and we will continue producing and delivering our products for the foreseeable future while at the same time keeping our staff safe and healthy.

History reminds us that we need to come together in order to weather challenges like COVID-19. That takes strong leadership, community resolve, and the enforcement of good policy. The following are some details about Novell/CJUSA’s COVID-19 response including policy, factory posts, CDC links, and action points.

Novell/CJUSA held an all-staff meeting outdoors to visually guide and encourage social distancing.

Through a collaboration of our executive staff, building security, and factory management, a bilingual presentation describing what will be a new normal at Novell was detailed. Employees all made a commitment to do their part in helping to isolate and discourage COVID-19 by exercising best practices company wide.

Our domestic-sales staff will not make personal visits or attend trade or trunk shows. They will work from home in coordination with sales management until further notice. They will be scheduling teleconferences to check and see how our customers and suppliers are doing and offer our assistance when we can help.

All employees capable of working remotely will do so. One person in each department can attend the Novell facility, but all others must coordinate with that central person from home.

Our photography staff and equipment will be temporarily relocated outside the building.

All departments have ramped up production with a goal of reducing the attending staff to 30% or less, increasing the potential for social distancing to over 700 square feet per person. We have a very large facility in Rahway, so we are spreading out within our own house.

Stringent cleaning and isolation standards are set and practiced by employees. Work areas and tools are no longer shared and are completely disinfected multiple times each day.

Common areas are used sparingly and are completely cleaned and disinfected multiple times each day.

Novell management will monitor government websites for temporary programs useful to team members and we will provide guidance and assistance to all staff members when needed.

All incoming and outgoing packages are wiped and disinfected. Non-time-sensitive packages are dated, put to the side for one week and then opened.

We have installed and are enforcing all protocols per CDC guidance on preventing transmission of infectious diseases.

For more details, please visit CDC.gov’s Coronavirus Guidelines.

See Novell at These Wedding Band Events

If you are getting married later this year, it’s time to shop for your wedding bands.

And what better opportunity than to see us at special wedding band events?

Wedding band events for Novell in 2020. American made wedding bands.

Novell will be present at quite a few wedding bad events early this year. From Boston to Rochester and then Houston – Novell representatives will have lost of merchandise not always present at each featured store.

Take full advantage. Ask lots of questions. Our wedding band and bridal jewelry experts are there to help you.

Here’s Novell’s wedding band events schedule so far for 2020:

March 5 – 8, 2020
Get directions

NASHUA NH. 03060
Get directions

BOSTON, MA 02108
Get directions

March 12 – 14, 2020

KOSER JEWELERS (Ask to see our wedding bands – learn more)
Get directions

March 12 – 15, 2020

VESTAL, NY 13850
Get directions

March 20 – 22, 2020
STEVE QUICK JEWELER (Ask to see our wedding bands – learn more)
Get directions

MANN’S JEWELERS (Make an appointmentlearn more)
Get directions

April 2- 4, 2020
ZADOK JEWELERS (Make an appointmentRSVP on Facebook)
Get directions

Check back, as we add more wedding band events as the year goes on!

Looking to design a ring of your own?

Here’s yet another stunning Custom Shop one-of-a-kind creation! This unique 18kt rose gold ring has 93pts of baguette and round diamonds. Set with a 1.3ct pear-shaped center diamond.

Our authorized retailers can help make your ring vision come true! Just ask!

You’ll also have the chance to see brand new bridal jewelry styles before anyone else. Be sure to ask one of our Wedding Band experts to see these just released rings!

See Novell at Zadok Jewelers’ Wedding Band Weekend

Novell will be a featured designer at Zadok Jewelers’ annual Wedding Band Weekend – this Thursday through Saturday – April 11-13. You’re sure to find your perfect ring in Zadok’s Bridal Salon. Don’t miss out on their Buy One – Get One at 50% Off special offer (see store for details). This weekend only.

Zadok Jewelers
1749 Post Oak Blvd.
Houston, TX 77056
Tel: 713-960-8950
Get Directions

Event Hours:
Thursday – 12PM until 7PM
Friday – Saturday 10AM until 6PM
More Information

Here’s more about Novell:

Thirty-one years of award winning wedding band designs – trending and changing like the people who wear them.

Novell Select represents the very best and most popular work we’ve done by combining bands from our Max Patrick, Z*ART, NQP, and core Novell Collections.

With over 20,000 wedding band designs in our catalogue of work, we’ve streamlined the selection process by cherry picking styles and creating groups.

Here they are:

INSIDE OUT bands are one color on the inside and another on the outside. For example, signature designs for men are typically rose gold on the inside and white gold or platinum on the outside. This ever-expanding category is one of our most popular and offers designs from uncomplicated to intricate. For manufacturing and plating reasons, INSIDE OUT bands are only available in precious metal.

COLORS is a blend of designs that are popular in yellow, rose, two- or three-tone gold. Everyday jewelry is being redefined in bursts of color. And wedding bands are no exception. This is our fastest growing category!

DIAMOND bands bring stone to precious metal. Whether understated or serious-statement designs, somewhere in this collection is a band for that distinctive men’s diamond band customer. Many of the DIAMOND designs are available as alloy or silver samples.

ORGANICS are hand-forged-background textures that can be put on Novell precious-metal bands. From sand to lava, tree bark to ravine, supple to severe, organics speaks to those who identify with one of the many moods of Mother Earth

CIRCLES bands are stackable in groups or used as spacers. Shapes and textures are made by machine and by hand with over thirty choices and so many combinations that you – or your customer – will never really have to make up their mind. Diversity is a state of jewelry.

• Our TOP 20 wedding band designs literally never go out of style. See a design but want it in a different width? How about a different finish? Or maybe even add diamonds, change them or take them away? Just ask! Almost all wedding band designs can be made in platinum, palladium or gold.

TRENDING are the top selling designs in the SELECT Collection. As real-world trending of styles changes, so does this collection, although a lot of our most popular designs stand the test of time. Excellence is always in fashion.

Not available in stores quite yet, ALTROm is a special alternative metal collection and the result of our affiliation with HEAVY STONE RINGS in Utah. It includes bands made from diverse materials such as wood, cobalt, carbon fiber, titanium, etc., often combined with precious metal.

Check back again to see when and where ALTROm rings will be sold.

Stacklable Rings – The Future for Wedding Bands

Brides are beginning to stray from typical wedding bands as stackable rings are becoming increasingly popular.

Because of this, Novell has jumped head first into the stackable ring market.

Introduced earlier this year, the Circles stackable collection was created as a celebration of art.

Handmade in America, Circles are meant to be collected and worn in random combination – with each intending to be stunningly unique.

With over forty interpretations in our growing collection, Circles are a fun, innovative, and affordable. It’s a product designed to energize precious metal sales.

And to shake the boredom out of the typical wedding band experience.

Have you thought about a stackable selection to surround your engagement ring? Or to wear as fashion rings? But not sure where to start?

It’s simple – just pick out your favorite designs and wear them any way you want. You can even change their order daily.

Stackable rings can transform a mundane wedding band search into a more creative process.

Need some ideas? Here are examples of how you can wear these stackable ring styles.

Notice how nicely they fit around simple engagement rings. They also sit well with almost any size diamond.

Be bold. Be creative. Let your mind go wild!

To purchase, just tell a Novell authorized retailer that you want to know more about Circles stackable rings.

Here are all styles individually (some variations may be missing – all designs can be made in white, yellow and rose gold):

What’s Best for YOU – Choosing a Metal That Will Last a Lifetime

Novell is primarily a precious metal company.

Almost all our designs are available in platinum, palladium, gold and Argentium Silver.

But we also understand that there are plenty of other metal choices out there.

We’ve made the following chart to help you compare the characteristics of platinum, palladium, gold, tungsten, titanium and cobalt.

Plus, we’ve added a few other factors to consider when choosing the metal that’s right for you.

Keep in mind that precious metals can be resized and refinished. Popular alternative metals cannot.

And tungsten can also crack or shatter.

Metal chart - easily compare popular metals for jewelry.

Download our Precious Metal Comparison Brochure

Why is Platinum The Most Precious?

Quite simply, platinum is one of the earth’s rarest elements. Its naturally white color will not oxidize or decay over time.
Scarcity makes platinum highly prized, but its demanding nature also means that only the most skilled artisans can work with it. A single ounce of platinum not only requires exceptional effort to mine and refine, it involves weeks of expert handling to craft into a piece of jewelry.

A Brief Overview to Consider


YELLOW GOLD if you prefer a yellow color metal surrounding your diamond.
WHITE GOLD if you prefer white color and don’t mind a ring that may lose its whiteness over time or due to wear.
PALLADIUM for a silvery white color that lasts, but is less treasured than platinum.
PLATINUM for an eternally white, naturally enduring metal, whose beauty and rareness will be treasured for generations

There are eight factors you should consider when you are deciding on the metal for your bridal jewelry.

This is the basic worth of a metal. Prices of all metals fluctuate according to supply in the market and demand by consumers. The more pure and precious a metal, the more limited its availability tends to be. Scarcity drives demand, making a metal like platinum more likely to maintain its intrinsic value over time.

In addition to a metal’s ability to withstand wear and tear, life span is judged by certain practicalities. Platinum is highly durable and platinum jewelry can last for generations. Tungsten is also a highly durable metal, however, it’s not considered a precious metal, and tungsten rings cannot be resized.

How much precious metal content does your ring actually have? 14kt gold is a mix of 58% pure gold and 42% non-precious metal. 18kt gold is 75% pure. Platinum and palladium, both precious metals, are at least 90-95% pure. Tungsten and titanium are also 90-95% pure, but are not considered precious metals.

Hypoallergenic metals reduce or minimize the possibility of an allergic response by minimizing potentially irritating substances. Platinum is the only truly hypoallergenic precious metal.

How much metal (and consequently value) will a ring lose to scratching and denting? All metals scratch, but with gold that scratch actually removes a sliver of metal. With platinum, scratching just ripples the surface. The displaced metal can be moved back into place by polishing.

Can your ring be made to look new again? Can it be refinished, re-sized, or re-conditioned easily? Platinum performs beautifully in each case. Something that can’t be said for the other metals.

This relates not only to the scarcity of a given metal, but to the demand for it in uses other than jewelry. For example, while
supplies of both platinum and palladium are very limited, platinum is utilized in far more ways than palladium. Platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. And the greater demand from medical and industrial interests, on an already smaller supply, makes platinum more highly prized.

For many, the feeling a metal has on their finger is important. Platinum is twice as heavy as palladium, 60% heavier than 14kt gold, and 40% heavier than 18kt gold. In addition to a significant feeling, this weight, due to platinum’s density, is also part of what makes platinum an extremely durable metal.

Think Pink with Hurst Fine Diamonds.

Think Pink with Hurst Fine Diamonds.

Authorized Novell wedding band retailer Hurst Fine Diamonds (located in Lawrence, Kansas) will donate proceeds for each featured Think Pink item sold during the 2011 Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 20% of every Think Pink item’s price will be given two local charities – The Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association and The Ellis Fischel Cancer Center. The Lawrence Memorial Hospital Endowment Association benefits breast cancer treatment, early detection, education and awareness, while The Ellis Fischel Cancer Center is one of the most comprehensive health-care networks in Missouri.  Think Pink articles available to buy include $11 pashmina scarves, $20 Jelly watches, and fabulous glass bracelets (three for just $20). So stop by Hurst Fine Diamonds and support Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Visit Hurst Fine Diamonds jewelry website.

LIKE Hurst Fine Diamonds on Facebook.

LIKE Breast Cancer Awareness Month on Facebook.

Freedman Jewelers’ Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Show.


Visit Freedman Jewelers annual wedding band event.

The Wedding Season has officially begun!  Authorized Novell wedding band retailer Freedman Jewelers of Boston cordially invites you to attend their 9th Annual Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Show. Come browse Freedman Jewelers’ extensive selection of diamond, platinum, gold, palladium and tungsten carbide wedding bands. And of course there will be a beautiful selection of new Novell wedding bands for you to view and try on your finger!  Freedman‘s is also offering a $100 discount off any new wedding purchase over $500.  This offer is valid until March 26th, 2011. 

Dates – March 24 -26th, 2011

Hours – Freedman Jewelers’ 9th Annual Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Show will take place during the following hours:

Thursday March 24th from 9:30am until 8pm
Friday March 25th from 9:30am until 6pm
Saturday March 26th from 9:30am until 5pm 

LocationFreedman Jewelers is located at 333 Washington Street (Suite 408) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Freedman Jewelers validates parking for the convenient 33 Arch Street Parking Garage.  If you have any questions, please call Freedman Jewelers directly at 617-227-4294. Or e-mail them via info@freedmandiamonds.com.

You can also visit Freedman Jewelers on Facebook and Twitter.

Stainless steel ring with tribal tattoo design.


The November 2010 issue of jewelry industry trade publication In Store featured new Novell TATU ring design Armour (FEC-717Z) – a stainless steel style inspired by actual tribal tattoo themes. This post was also featured on The Wedding Ring Blog. Stainless steel rings are affordable and easy to take care of – all you need is some mild soap and a soft cloth. Stainless steel is the alternative to other alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium and ceramic. Stainless steel is also durable and even can be sized a little bit if need be. You can not size a tungsten ring very easily. 

K-Jon’s Ladies Night of Fashion.

K-Jon's Fine Jewelry.

As a special thank you to their best customers of 2010, K-Jon’s Fine Jewelers is hosting an exclusive evening of fashion. Along with gorgeous jewelry featured in K-Jon’s showcases, designs courtesy of Kelley’s Casuals, C Abi and Bella Cose kitchenware will all be highlighted as well. The even takes place on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 6:00 PM. Please note – an RSVP is required by October 28, and can be e-mailed to pam@kjons.com. You can also win one of these bangle bracelets especially created in Argentium Sterling Silver and 14kt gold.

Bangle bracelets.

K-Jon’s Fine Jewelers
5255 El Camino Real
Atascadero, CA