Advice for After the Wedding and Honeymoon

Wedding planning is all at once exhilarating and stressful. There are a million details that you may never have previously thought about. Nor knew how important something particular may be for your special day. Once it’s all over, hopefully you have a million awesome pictures and even more awesome memories to last a lifetime.

But what happens when the honeymoon is over? And it’s just the two of you? Where do you turn for advice?

Many younger couples tend to live together prior to their wedding. However, some do not. Suddenly waking up next to someone on a daily basis may need some adjustment. There will be good days, bad days, wonderful days and boring days. It’s important to remember that marriage is a long, winding road with bumps and turns. One day will be smooth. The next might be lousy. And you won’t always get along. Here are some common but sometimes overlooked issues you will probably face after the honeymoon is done.

Talk about Finances: Have a talk about debts, spending habits, budgeting, and whether or not you’ll have joint banking accounts.

Reconnect with Friends and Family: Wedding planning can be long and drawn out. You sometimes don’t realize that you’ve been neglecting your friends. Now is the time to wind down and get back to socializing with friends, family, and even other couples.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: It is important to pick your battles wisely. This is especially important. It is common to go through arguments about things. But don’t let it carry over to the next day.

Cry Around Each Other: Crying in front of the other person is a milestone. Especially an ugly cry- it means that you’re totally at ease with one another.

It’s Okay to Have Alone Time: Everyone gets moody. It’s okay to just take a second to yourself. Or a minute, or an hour. But try not to take more than an hour. Things can fester. As mentioned before, it’s better to resolve a dispute sooner rather than later.

Sounds easy – doesn’t it? Hopefully there will be plenty more good days than bad. Building a happy life can be hard work. It may even be easy at times. But it definitely will not be the same for every couple.

Best of luck to all!