Wedding Lighting – Have You Given It Any Thought?

Your wedding planning is all set. Your flowers will be fresh. Your gown is stunning. The photographer is highly recommended. And – God willing – the weather will be picture perfect. Every detail from what you’re wearing to the ice cubes has been combed over. But what about the lighting? Will your big day have just the right lighting? Or how can you make sure that your lighting is environmentally friendly? These days, the latter is an important issue!

Wedding lighting

A Few Ideas for Lighting Your Wedding

Our friends at LED Lights UK have a few ideas. You can keep your fingers crossed for great weather and have an outdoor wedding. Natural light always looks great in pictures if everything falls into place. Although many consider rain on a wedding day to be a sign of good luck, most brides-to-be pray for a sunny, cloudless afternoon. Sunlight is also free. Your hors d’oeuvres, sadly, are not.

Another nice lighting source is lit candles. Candlelight is very romantic, while flickering lights create a wonderful ambiance. When placed close together, candles also mix flame with shadow, which will look very cool in wedding pictures. And who doesn’t want THE COOLEST wedding pictures in their album? Yet there is a downside. Imagine your drunk uncle losing control dancing the Macarena and tumbling into a table. Flame on! Candlelight is also affected by drafts or sudden winds. You may find yourself lighting and re-lighting things all wedding long.

But WAIT! What about rechargeable candles? They give the same appearance of flickering light without the muss and fuss of real candles. I think we may have a winner!

Yet another option is soft, power saving light bulbs. If you really want to get on the good side of your socially conscious friends, you can lessen the environmental impact of your entire wedding through solar power. A solar powered generator can run the heat or air conditioning. It can even help plug-in the band. Not practical? String some little fairy lights that collect energy during the day from the sun. They’ll provide a little glow all around the reception.

A final consideration for your wedding lighting might be utilizing just a little bit of everything. Have rechargeable candles on the guest tables. Place wax candles on the buffet or around the drink bar. Fairy lighting hanging from the ceiling. Or even in between seating areas. Don’t settle for just one form of lighting when a little combination of everything might get the job done. There are a lot of choices. Mix and match. Above all – have fun!

For more ideas about lighting, please visit LED Lights UK today!