New platinum engagement ring debuts in LA Times.

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American wedding band manufacturer Novell Design Studio will soon be releasing a brand new line of platinum bridal jewelry. Platinum is the metal that can last a lifetime, so your engagement ring or wedding band can stand the test of time. Novell firmly believes that platinum is the best metal choice for your wedding band and engagement ring. To learn about the benefits of all metals commonly used in the jewelry industry, please download “Choosing the Ring Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry.”

One of Novell’s new platinum engagement rings makes its debut to the general public in the September 9, 2009 edition of the LA Times. The style also recently appeared to the trade in JQ Magazine as well. Our new line of platinum bridal jewelry should be readily available to most Novell retailers by 2010. We hope you are as excited as we are about our latest jewelry styles.

If you are a consumer looking for more information about Novell’s upcoming platinum bridal jewelry line, please have an authorized Novell wedding ring retailer contact us on your behalf. They will be happy to obtain all pricing and manufacturing options.

New platinum engagement ring highlighted in LA Times.

New platinum engagement ring highlighted in LA Times.

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