yellow diamonds

Growing Popularity of Colored Diamonds


ring with brown diamonds

Ladies’ diamond eternity band set with alternating brown diamonds.

Roughly 1 out of 10,000 carats mined today represent “fancy” colored diamonds. Such scarcity eludes to a sense of exclusiveness that is very intriguing to today’s consumer.

Colored diamonds vary in tone, which is the ultimate determinant of price. A deeper color tone signifies greater rarity and consequently a higher price. Over the years, demand for colored diamonds has increased tremendously, one to note particularly would be the yellow diamond.

Growth can also be attributable to fashion trends and newfound affordability. The trendsetters of the fashion industry have adopted bright accessories as an essential to any ensemble, and it is the yellow diamond has evolved into exactly that piece. The yellow diamond acts as a pop of color unique to it’s “classic” diamond opponent. Contrary to it’s exclusive reputation the price tag is a surprisingly affordable option when diamond shopping.

Newfound affordability coupled with a reputation of luxury makes the yellow diamond extremely popular addition to one’s essential accessories.

Written by Kelly Rupinski