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Palladium Alliance International really stepped up palladium’s overall visibility in a variety of ways – product placement (as seen in the movie Iron Man), a broader advertising campaign, public relations, and now a website redesign and re-launch. Novell has been offering palladium as an option for our wedding bands for over three years now, and there still is a lot of confusion for both consumers and retailers. In fact, some Novell retailers seem reluctant to touch palladium regardless of the metal’s price point and benefits. Hopefully, PAI’s more visible initiatives will be the missing ingredient to help properly educate and pique the public’s interest. The new website,,  featured Novell palladium styles L8048-6GC, L8050-6GC, L8051-6GC and L8055-6GC.


Palladium Alliance International (PAI) announces the launch of its redesigned trade website, The site provides visitors with fresh content such as downloadable bench manuals and videos for those working in Palladium – The Now Metal™.

The new web portal, whose re-launch kicks off an education-focused phase of PAI’s marketing program, raises the bar for online jewelry marketing with the kind of high-end design and interactivity today’s savvy internet users demand.

The new website includes text-search capabilities, intuitive navigation, multimedia content, new product galleries, community forums, compatibility with various browsers and mobile devices, and a host of new Web 2.0 technologies. PAI’s new blog located at and Facebook fan page – called Palladium is Now! – are further connecting a whole new generation of fine jewelry lovers with the metal of choice for the 21st Century.

Users who sign up online for their free membership receive PAI’s White Light newsletter, promotional offers, automatic enrollment in exclusive contests, new retail training modules by Performance Concepts, and interest-focused PAI announcements. From trade events to technical updates, stay connected to Palladium on your own terms with PAI’s new personalized communications platform.

Log on today and learn why Palladium is the metal of choice for fine jewelry and watches. Whether you’re building in Palladium or offering it to your customers, PAI has the world’s best educational and promotional materials for this white, light, natural precious metal. 

Novell was featured on a new website for palladium jewelry.

Novell was featured on a new website for palladium jewelry.