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Is It Really Raining Diamonds on Neptune or Uranus?

diamond rain

Ever hear the expression – it’s raining cats and dogs? Well, did you ever think that one day it might actually be raining diamonds somewhere in the solar system? Scientists seem to think this is a possibility!

Recently featured by The Washington Post, scientists forecast rain storms of solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune.

By now you might be thinking – how can this be? The answer is a little complicated. But that’s why there are highly educated people in this world that study these possibilities.

Consider this your daily reminder that the solar system is even more amazing than you realized!

Here’s how it might rain diamonds:

The gems form in the hydrocarbon-rich oceans of slush that swath the gas giants’ solid cores. Scientists have long speculated that the extreme pressures in this region might split those molecules into atoms of hydrogen and carbon, the latter of which then crystallize to form diamonds. These diamonds were thought to sink like rain through the ocean until they hit the solid core.

But no one could prove that this would really work — until now. In a study published this week in the journal Nature Astrophysics, researchers say they were able to produce this “diamond rain” using fancy plastic and high-powered lasers.

“Previously, researchers could only assume that the diamonds had formed,” lead author Dominik Kraus, a physicist at the Helmholtz Dresden-Rossendorf research center in Germany, told the magazine Cosmos. “When I saw the results of this latest experiment, it was one of the best moments of my scientific career.”

Read the whole story – It rains solid diamonds on Uranus and Neptune.

Custom Shop is Your Own Personal Jewelry Factory (video)

Custom Shop
Have a great idea for your wedding ring or engagement ring? Want to design your own special piece of jewelry? But don’t know where to start? Custom Shop is here to make your bridal jewelry vision come true. Take a behind the scenes look, and visit our Custom Shop page to learn more.

What is Custom Shop? It’s a division of Novell Group. And it really can be your own personal jewelry factory.

Just bring your idea – a simple sketch, diagram or even picture with notes drawn on it – to a local jeweler. They can contact us with your idea, and we’ll take it from there. You don’t have to be an outstanding artist to get your idea across.

Need help finding a jeweler? Just visit our retailer locator and enter your zip code.

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New Bracelet by Robert Manse Designs Hits a Home Run on HSN!

Robert Manse Bali bracelets

The world of jewelry certainly has plenty of hits and misses. Robert Manse Designs recently hit a “home run” as one of HSN’s Today’s Specials. Robert’s latest creation – “Jalan Indah” sterling silver (with gold) gemstone bracelets – sold out hours ahead of schedule. Airing originally on June 27, 2017, these bracelets are currently an HSN Customer Pick, earning over 85 five-star reviews from delighted customers.

Designed by Robert Manse and handcrafted by artisan families in Bali, inspiration for these bracelet designs comes from staircases and walkways found throughout the land. Each twisted cable shape represents turning paths walked upon every day. Round gold accents are the same color as marigold flowers typically found around outside stairways. Every inch of Jalan Indah bracelets contains elements inspired by true parts of every day Balinese life.

Like many of Robert Manse Designs’ bracelet collections, Jalan Indah styles are hand-formed in .925 Sterling Silver with solid 18kt gold accents. Each bracelet also features a sturdy hinge design, so it’s easy to take on and off. Featured gemstones include prasiolite, blue topaz, citrine and white topaz. Matching earrings, pendants and rings are also available to create a matching suite. Sizes include petite/small (6.25”), small/medium (6.75’) and medium/large (7.5’).

Jalan Indah sterling silver (with gold) gemstone bracelets are currently for sale online at Bali Designs by Robert Manse.

More about Jewelry Designer Robert Manse

A New York City native, designer Robert Manse has been captivated with jewelry since he was a young boy. His first job in Manhattan was with a diamond jewelry manufacturer in Midtown Manhattan where he learned how to enchant his customers by providing quality jewelry at attainable prices. Over the course of many years, Robert was taken under the wing of two Master Designers who taught him the art of making fine and unique jewelry in the U.S. and abroad.

With over twenty-five plus years in the industry, he has designed and sold several successful high-end jewelry brands and his lines have been showcased at some of the world’s top luxury retailers. From glamorous red-carpet looks to exotic hand-crafted silver creations, Robert Manse has designed jewelry for and dressed many a celebrity in his unique wearable art. Showcasing his collections at luxury retailers nationwide, he has traveled the world in search of the most passionate and skilled craftsmen and jewelers to bring his spectacular creations to life. From India to Hong Kong and Thailand to Bali, seeking the perfect balance of world-class gemstones and metals, keeping wear-ability and comfort in mind, Robert designs fashion-forward yet classic designs with bold color combinations. This is his never-ending passion.