Introducing Our Colors Wedding Band Collection

COLORS is a blend of designs that are popular in yellow, rose, two- or three-tone gold. Everyday jewelry is being redefined in bursts of color. And wedding bands are no exception. This is our fastest growing wedding band category!

Novell Design Studio wedding bands are manufactured only in our East Coast jewelry factory. We do not import or rely on other sources for our product.

All merchandise is sold through our nationwide authorized retailers. Our wedding bands can be special ordered in platinum, palladium, 18kt gold, or 14kt gold (yellow, white or rose).

Every ring is made to order within 10 to 12 working days. Orders can be rushed, at no extra charge, when specified while placing the order with an authorized retailer.

Keep in mind that almost all Novell wedding band styles can be custom-manufactured to your specific dimensional requirements. Rarely do we discontinue a wedding band that we have designed. Novell can also create a ring from a sample, picture or sketch if need be.

We can alter the width, height or even color of our product when requested. In many cases, aspects from several designs can be combined into one unique piece.

Want to learn more about custom creating your wedding band or engagement ring? Visit our Custom Shop page for additional information and ideas.