Ever Notice the Jewelry Worn on Real Housewives?

Real Housewives Lisa Vanderpump jewelryThe two guilty pleasures of mine – the Real Housewives reality show and jewelry – are near and dear to my heart. And quite frankly, they feed into one another. Am I the only one to notice the truly remarkable pieces worn on the show? Sometimes I feel that way!

With the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills new season just starting, the number of magnificent pieces residing in the closets never ceases to amaze me. I mean – it’s really difficult to even say whose jewelry collection takes the cake – Erika Jayne or Lisa Vanderpump? It’s a tough call.

I am not proud to admit this, but I can truly gush and gaze over their various rings, bracelets, necklaces that are sported so casually. In fact, some of the housewives are decked out in the diamonds just taking the dog for a walk.

This is obviously to the extreme of luxury as that is seemingly the purpose of the Real Housewives series. However, there is something to be said for those stable, glamorous pieces of jewelry in one’s collection. Just like the ladies on the show, I think that a fine piece of jewelry is appropriate for many occasions and dresses up any outfit. Whether it’s a flashy bracelet or simple studded earring set, the right piece of jewelry makes a statement and be the highlight of an outfit. As the housewives make more than clear – a diamond can suit any occasion.

My appreciation for fine jewelry stems from the fact that I find it to be true art. Art that can be worn and appreciated by others and most importantly oneself. Regardless of how glamorous one’s everyday life is, every woman deserves to feel glamorous, gushed and gazed over. Embrace your inner Real Housewives and wear your favorite piece of jewelry – no matter whatever the occasion. It is okay to stand out and catch the eye of others!

Article by Kelly Rupinski.

Stackable Rings are Becoming the New Wedding Band

Stackable rings make great wedding bands.

Brides are beginning to stray from the typical wedding band fashion as stackable rings are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is in part due to a newfound appreciation for the wedding band as an individual statement.

Traditionally the wedding band is simply stacked with the engagement ring and often masked by its glitz. However, this is now being challenged through the placement of multiple wedding bands on a single finger. In some cases, they are worn on a finger different from the engagement ring. This concept first emerged when brides began adding a third ring to signify a special moment such as a birth or anniversary. Now this single addition is being surpassed.

Stackable rings have evolved the wedding band search into a more creative process. There are endless possibilities to mix and match stones, textures, shapes, sizes and metals – creating a unique set just for one.

This is where the fun begins! Gone are the days when one had to pick a metal and stick with it. Now there is the idea that silver and yellow or rose gold can be coordinated to bring out the best in one another. Then comes in the choice of texture – another feature with many options. One can choose from braided, twisted, hammered, matte, rope, bead or cross hatch.

The intricacy of detail paid to each band adds to a specialization matched by few others. Despite each stackable ring being incredibly unique on it’s own, when combined makes for a rather understated statement. This is achieved as each ring chosen embellishes one another in lieu of masking.

There are not many cases where such collective contrast can transcend into unity. Stackable wedding rings are approaching a new frontier of wear-ability. Contrary to the popular belief that “less is more,” the additional bands are appealing to the everyday bride that desires a noticeable yet staple accessory. Its specialized detail can freshen any look without overpowering it.

However, the ultimate attraction of stackable wedding rings is determined by the individual themselves, as rings are chosen upon their unique vision.

Article by Kelly Rupinski

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Men’s Wedding Day Fashion Tips


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It is important to look your absolute best on your wedding day, but you have to do it while making sure to not outshine your bride. Choosing the perfect tuxedo, shoes, and even haircut might be a hard decision to make on your own. But – not to worry! presents an abundance of wedding day fashion advice in their article – 6 Fashion Rules for Groom.

Tips for the Perfect Wedding Day Tuxedo

Wedding tuxedo

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Weddings aren’t always all about the bride. It is super important that the groom gets to have his way as well. Why not start with the tuxedo?’s article How to Personalize Your Tuxedo provides a few fashion pointers to ensure that your tuxedo is just as stunning as you. After all, you are the second most important person on your wedding day. So be sure to add a little bit of YOU!