Platinum wedding bands positioned differently to both sexes.

When it comes to platinum wedding bands or even jewelry in general – do men and women really think the same way?Platinum wedding bands. Well, American wedding band manufacturer Novell does not necessarily think so. Novell’s simple yet timeless platinum wedding band ad, “What You Deserve,” presents the benefits of platinum separately to both women and men in a unique yet equal manner. Throughout the years, many wedding band advertisements position the precious metal with particular words and characteristics that are specifically aimed towards the woman; while it’s more masculine attributes often are understated or ignored. Therefore, with “What You Deserve,” Novell illustrates both sides to the platinum wedding band story. For her, platinum represents the pure expression of love shared. It is precious, rare and eternal. For him, platinum is a magnificent, distinguished and resilient mineral that separates the man wearing it from those that do not.

“What You Deserve” started running  in select wedding magazines (Wedding Dresses, The Nest) during 2008, and was also seen in the jewelry trade publications Modern Jeweler and In Store. All in all, Novell’s positioning of platinum to each of the sexes is classic and can translate well with the future wedding band buying generations to come.

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