MJSA features promotion of a new wedding song.

This article was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

The October 2009 issue of MJSA Journal highlights Novell’s promotion of a new wedding song by folk-pop artist Jacqui Naylor. “Celebrate Early and Often” is featured in the Inspired Thinking-Success Strategies column:

To help raise Internet awareness of Rahway, New Jersey–based Novell as a bridal brand, the company’s marketing director Rick Mulholland turned to music. Instead of competing head-to head with other jewelry manufacturers and e-tailers populating search engine results with key jewelry terms such as “wedding bands” and “engagement rings,” Mulholland decided to promote the song “Celebrate Early and Often” by Jacqui Naylor. It’s featured on Novell’s website as a perfect wedding song for couples looking for something a little non-traditional and unique.

“We really needed a way to stand out to consumers that are planning their weddings, and to do so without spending any money,” says Mulholland. “Thanks to our online press releases (www.novelldesignstudio.com/new_wedding_song.php), I was able to earn high-ranking organic search engine results.”

“People looking for song ideas may not have purchased their wedding bands yet. So if they come across the song on our website, there’s a good chance that they’ll be curious about Novell’s prod¬ucts and start to look around.”

And Mulholland’s prediction has proven itself: He reports that web traf¬fic spiked earlier this year to the tune of about 20,000 unique visitors reading the press releases and/or visiting the webpage featuring the song, with “a nice overall click-through.” And that’s music to Novell’s ears.

Please visit www.novelldesignstudio.com/newweddingsong.php to hear a sample and download “Celebrate Early and Often.”

MJSA featured an article about a new wedding song for a new wedding generation.

MJSA featured an article about a new wedding song for a new wedding generation.

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