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Novell’s New Inside-Out Engagement Ring Collection

Inside out engagement rings by Novell

Our latest innovation – the inside-out engagement ring collection. More more information, ask one of our authorized retailers.

Why settle for just one color for your engagement ring, when you can have two? That’s right – two!

Introducing our new inside-out engagement ring collection. The outside of your ring can be white gold, while the inside can be yellow or pink gold. You can even have it reversed. It certainly is a different look. The fact that the inside is a color can even be your own little secret.

Why would you want the inside of your engagement ring to have color? Let’s say your groom-to-be wants your ring to match his.  But he wants a yellow wedding band just like his Dad’s. Or his favorite watch has yellow gold accents. Well, you can have yellow to your ring. It’s just hidden!

Or what about this? Sassy and pink is your world,  but pink gold doesn’t really go with your wardrobe. Well, with an inside-out engagement ring, you can have a little hidden pink with you every day.

By now you might be asking – how can the inside be one color? And the outside be another? Honestly – it our little secret. A complicated bonding process creates a broad color palette, using yellow, rose and white interchangeably.

Want to see these designs at a different angle? Check them out on our main website.

For pricing and ordering, please contact one of our authorized retailers. However, this product is so new, that it may be hard to find at first. You can help us out by putting our one-sheet in the hands of a jeweler. It can be one of ours or one of your own. They will call us for current pricing.