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Custom Shop Platinum Ring Features Rare Blue Diamond

Jewelry designer/television personality Robert Manse recently teamed with Novell Design Studio’s Custom Shop to create a personal, one-of-a-kind men’s platinum ring. Specially made to celebrate his twenty-five years in the jewelry industry, the solid platinum contemporary style showcases the brilliant “Manse Diamond.” One and a half carats in size, it has been Robert’s mission to find a perfect fancy intense blue diamond to set in his own custom creation. Not only has such a stone been discovered, but it is set for life in the worlds most precious metal!

What is a Blue Diamond?
Naturally blue diamonds have been found in mines of South Africa, Australia and India. Colored diamonds are a lot like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike. Blue is among the rarest colors in the diamond family. In fact, they are more rare than pink diamonds, and quite valuable. Their appearance is caused from boron trapped in the crystal’s structure.

Why did Robert Choose Platinum?
Platinum is considered to be the best precious metal for protecting expensive diamonds. Platinum is 100% hypoallergenic and naturally white in color, so it never needs to be rhodium plated (unlike white gold). It goes extremely well with colored stones. In fact, platinum holds them more secure than any other metal in the marketplace. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones and platinum is the most superior precious metal…a perfect combination.

Custom Shop

What is Custom Shop?
Novell Group is extremely excited to introduce our new Custom Shop division, where our state of the art manufacturing facility brings the independent retail jeweler an easy way to say – “Yes, I can custom make that for you.”

Custom Shop offers 3D printing, so your customers can try on their jewelry before it’s put into production. Here are more Custom Shop capabilities:

• We provide price quotes and CAD renderings within forty-eight hours for customer approval.
• Finished pieces are delivered within three to four weeks.
• Every creation is 100% made in America, so there’s no waiting for your order to arrive from overseas.
• Our domestic manufacturing muscle, with casting facilities, an extensive machine shop, and a skilled hand fabricating staff, gives our authorized retailers a clear path to market advantage.
• Some of our other technologies include casting, mold making, machine fabricating, finishing, setting, jewelry work, restoration, engraving, braiding and plating.

Interested retailers can call 888-668-3551 for more information.

Are you a consumer wanting to have a piece of jewelry custom made? Please contact one of our authorized retailers and tell them you want Custom Shop to make your jewelry dream come true.

Handmade jewelry by Robert Manse Designs

More about Jewelry Designer Robert Manse
A New York City native, designer Robert Manse has been captivated with jewelry since he was a young boy. His first job in Manhattan was with a diamond jewelry manufacturer in Midtown Manhattan where he learned how to enchant his customers by providing quality jewelry at attainable prices. Over the course of many years, Robert was taken under the wing of two Master Designers who taught him the art of making fine and unique jewelry in the U.S. and abroad.

With over twenty-five years of expertise, Robert has designed several successful high-end jewelry brands and his lines have been showcased at some of the world’s top luxury retailers. From glamorous red-carpet looks to exotic hand-crafted silver creations, Robert Manse has customized jewelry for and dressed many a celebrity in his unique wearable art. Showcasing his collections at retailers and TV stations worldwide, he has traveled to some of the most exotic locales in search of the most passionate and skilled craftsmen and jewelers to bring his spectacular creations to life. From India to Hong Kong and Thailand to Bali, seeking the perfect balance of world-class gemstones and metals, keeping wear-ability and comfort in mind, Robert designs fashion-forward yet classic designs with bold color or material combinations. This is his never-ending passion.

Check out Robert Manse Designs jewelry.

Novell featured in JVC’s Essential Guide to Platinum Jewelry.

Platinum rings Novell.

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee, an organization formed in 1912 to provide education and self-regulation to the jewelry industry, features platinum Novell wedding rings in The Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Platinum Jewelry. A trade-oriented publication, this edition of JVC’s Essential Guide explains the Federal Trade Commission’s 2010 amendments to the Platinum Section of the Guides for the Jewelry, Precious Metal and Pewter Industries. It breaks down the revised standards, and clarifies what they mean in practical terms for those who manufacture, promote and sell platinum jewelry.

The Novell rings featured are a set of classic hand-engraved platinum wedding bands, and new platinum styles from the TATU collection.

The Essential Guide also includes legal standards for platinum, glossary of platinum terms, frequently asked questions and two platinum tolerance charts, explaining how to stamp and describe both traditional products and platinum products containing a minimum 500 ppt platinum alloyed with base metal. The JVC website also has plenty of information and tips aimed at consumers.

Download The Essential Guide to the U.S. Trade in Platinum Jewelry.

Jewelry Weblog highlights Novell’s Great American Metal Exchange.

Jewelry weblog

Leading online jewelry authority The Jewelry Weblog recently featured Novell’s new initiative to put affordable platinum bridal jewelry into jewelry store showcases – The Great American Metal Exchange (GAME). The premise of GAME is simple; jewelry stores can exchange precious metals from merchandise that is unwanted, broken or just not selling for a platinum engagement ring collection with a substantial retail value. GAME answers questions that many jewelry stores have in a tough economy – what can retailer do with old jewelry that’s not moving? And how can a jeweler actually increase their inventory without spending a lot of money?

Read Novell’s GAME Puts Affordable Platinum in Jewelry Stores.

GAME has also been featured in Yahoo! News.

Classic platinum engraved wedding bands in Elle.

Platinum engraved wedding bands.

The December 2010 issue of Elle featured classic platinum engraved wedding bands NQP157-6GPCX and P1800-4LC. Platinum is the premium metal for wedding bands and jewelry in general. Platinum wedding bands wear very well and can potentially stand the test of time, so you can literally pass your ring to future generations.

Learn more about platinum.

Platinum engagement ring on

Leading bridal web portal featured new Novell platinum engagement ring E2485-LC (pictured with a 3mm platinum wedding band). This platinum style is part of Novell’s line of new platinum bridal jewelry, and has appeared in LA Times, JQ Magazine and

New platinum engagement ring in Facebook poll.


The Facebook page for features a poll asking for fans to vote for their favorite platinum engagement ring. Alongside styles by leading platinum bridal jewelry designers Diamond in the Rough, Gumuchian, Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring, and Designs by Vatché is a new platinum engagement ring by Novell. To vote, you simply have to LIKE the Facebook page, and then scroll down just a bit to participate.


Visit the Facebook page to vote!

Why choose platinum for your engagement ring? Simply put, platinum is a durable naturally white metal that ages very well. And since platinum’s price point is now very similar to gold (and white gold is not naturally white and turns yellow over time), platinum is worth the investment for engagement rings, wedding rings and jewelry.


Platinum wedding bands positioned differently to both sexes.

When it comes to platinum wedding bands or even jewelry in general – do men and women really think the same way?Platinum wedding bands. Well, American wedding band manufacturer Novell does not necessarily think so. Novell’s simple yet timeless platinum wedding band ad, “What You Deserve,” presents the benefits of platinum separately to both women and men in a unique yet equal manner. Throughout the years, many wedding band advertisements position the precious metal with particular words and characteristics that are specifically aimed towards the woman; while it’s more masculine attributes often are understated or ignored. Therefore, with “What You Deserve,” Novell illustrates both sides to the platinum wedding band story. For her, platinum represents the pure expression of love shared. It is precious, rare and eternal. For him, platinum is a magnificent, distinguished and resilient mineral that separates the man wearing it from those that do not.

“What You Deserve” started running  in select wedding magazines (Wedding Dresses, The Nest) during 2008, and was also seen in the jewelry trade publications Modern Jeweler and In Store. All in all, Novell’s positioning of platinum to each of the sexes is classic and can translate well with the future wedding band buying generations to come.

Additional information about platinum and a full-scale example of the wedding band ad “What You Deserve” can be downloaded at

Platinum wedding band with princess cut (square) diamonds.


Platinum is the premium metal for wedding bands and wedding rings. Novell’s  P1815-8GCC is a platinum wedding band that is 8mm wide, and there are also 8 x .05 princess cut (square-shaped) diamonds around this design (.40 total ct. weight). Novell can customize our wedding band and wedding ring designs to your specifications, so that your wedding band and wedding ring will be one of a kind. In different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), widths, finishes and much more. Customization sets Novell apart from all the rest.

Visit an authorized Novell retailer for pricing inquiries.

Platinum showing strong presence at 2010 Emmy Awards.

Kim Kardashian wearing platinum jewelry.

Kim Kardashian wearing platinum jewelry at this year's Emmy Awards,.

According to the press release Platinum Jewelry Dominates the Red Carpet at the 62nd Primetime Emmy Awards, platinum jewelry had a strong showing at the 2010 Emmy Awards. The Wedding Ring Blog also illustrates that popular celebrities such as Tina Fey and Kim Kardashian wore subtle but classic pieces of platinum jewelry while standing in front of press cameras. All in all, platinum was a very visible metal for jewelry.