Novell introduces weddings bands created with Argentium Sterling Silver.

Why choose Argentium Sterling Silver for your wedding band?

• Novell uses Argentium Sterling Silver that is 95% pure.
• Argentium Sterling Silver stays bright and beautiful for years.
• Argentium Sterling Silver is a naturally hard metal, which lends itself to greater strength than regular sterling silver. It is durable and can be considered problem-free by most standards.
• Argentium Sterling Silver is highly tarnish resistant – so its shine is long lasting. There is no need for additional professional polishing or excessive care. Warm water and a mild detergent are all that are required to maintain its appearance. Smudges can easily be removed by using a soft dry cloth only.
• It is a “green” metal – friendly to the environment. Chemicals are not required to correct potential fire scale (or fire stain) damage to metal which sometimes occurs when metals are heated during the manufacturing process.

New from Novell - Argentium Sterling Silver wedding bands.

New from Novell – Argentium Sterling Silver wedding bands.