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The Jewelry Book Spring 2010 issue online now.

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View the latest online issue of The Jewelry Book in an interactive Flash format or as a PDF download. Previous digital editions have been viewed over 10,000 times combined, so be sure NOT to miss the latest issue!

Articles include…

M. Lemp Jewelers – We aren’t in the jewelry business. We are in the business of love.

Made in America – A new way to think about Made in America. Featuring bracelets by designer Susan Sadler.

Red Carpet Revelations – Research demonstrates and marketers agree that consumer spending habits are definitely influenced by what celebrities wear. This year’s red carpet gave them plenty of variety to choose from.

Charles Krypell “On The Cover” – Jewelry designer Charles Krypell reinvents jewelry time and time again.

Giving Back – Louis Anthony Jewelers of Pittsburg is a true star in the community.

Season to Season – Platinum rings for $500? You better believe it!

Slowly Rebounding Jewelry Market – Beware the fast changing landscape in the mature, slowly rebounding fine jewelry market.

Trends and Views – Highlighting two new jewelry collections from John Apel, and JB Star’s innovative mobile applications.

Top jewelry designers and retailers highlighted in the Spring 2010 issue of The Jewelry Book are:

Alex Sepkus, Charles Krypell, Christopher Designs, De Hago, Gem Platinum, Jack Abraham, Jack Kelege, JB Star, Jeffrey Bilgore , John Apel, John Buechner, Katharine James, Louis Anthony Jewelers, M Lemp Jewelers, Makur Designs, Novell Wedding Bands, Precision Set, Quadamas Asscher Cut, Rudolf Friedmann, Supreme Jewelry and Susan Sadler.

Read The Jewelry Book.

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View the latest edition of The Jewelry Book online.

Now online – the Winter 2010 issue of  The Jewelry Book

The Jewelry Book

View the newest edition of The Jewelry Book in an
interactive Flash format or as a PDF download.

Highlights include:

Made in America – A new way to think about Made in America.

Sholdt Design – In 2010, Sholdt celebrates seventy-five years of classic, made-in-America design.

Hofmeister – In a world of less-than-perfect service, Indianapolis-based Hofmeister Personal Jewelers is an oasis of excellence.

The Jewelry Made in America Gallery – See designs created by manufacturers and designers that can proudly say that their jewelry is Made in America.
Feel free to visit our featured designers and links:
Alex Sepkus | Atara | Bachendorf’s Jewelers | Centurion Jewelry Show

Charles Krypell | Christopher Designs | Gem Platinum | Hofmeister Personal Jewelers

Hoover and Strong | Jack Kelege | JB Star | Jeffrey Daniels | John Buechner

Katharine James | Lieberfarb | MCR Gems | Novell | Novell Platinum | Platinum Guild

Precision Set | Rudolf Friedmann | Sholdt Design

Jewelry blog features Jewelry Made in America article.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, highlights The Jewelry Book’s special feature – “Jewelry Made in America.” Novell has for a long time believed that the “Made in America” theme has a pronounced and longstanding value for domestic jewelry manufacturers as a whole; it is an important issue and a strong selling point in an age of inferior imported jewelry products. “Made in America” should without a doubt equate to quality jewelry for consumers that may be battling through a tough economy.

You can read the entire article entitled “The Jewelry Book: all for ‘Made in America’” on Gem Gossip.

Along with Novell, the blog posting also mentions fellow American jewelry designers/manufacturers Alex Sepkus, Mark Patterson and Jack Abraham. The entire issue of The Jewelry Book and be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF version.

Novell wedding bands presents The Jewelry Book.

Novell Design Studio, an American wedding band manufacturer that specializes in wedding band customization, is proud to present the latest digital edition of The Jewelry Book. Both consumers and retailers can learn about a wide variety of jewelry designers and manufacturers that are either well established within or relatively new to the jewelry industry. The Jewelry Book also includes interesting articles about such topics as why platinum is a top seller for bridal jewelry, and the new “Jewelry Made in America” initiative.

Enjoy the digital edition of The Jewelry Book. Readers can also download a PDF version to print out images, articles and other information that may be helpful when shopping for jewelry.

Read the digital version of The Jewelry Book, or download a PDF version.

Read the digital version of The Jewelry Book, or download a PDF version.

Novell and The Jewelry Book start the “Jewelry Made in America” initiative.

American wedding ring manufacturer Novell Design Studio, in co-operation with jewelry industry trade publication The Jewelry Book, announces a new and forward-thinking initiative – “Jewelry Made in America.” The focus of “Jewelry Made in America” is to help promote designers and manufacturers that can proudly claim that their products are fabricated in the United States, and not imported as finished goods from abroad.

Read more in “The ‘Jewelry Made in America’ Initiative.”

Platinum Emboldens Inspiration: Discussing the state of platinum in today’s challenging economy.


“In This Challenging Economy,
Jewelers Want To Sell Products
That Capture The Consumer’s Jewelry Budget.”
– Bruce Pucciarello

This article first appeared in the jewelry industry trade publicationThe Jewelry Book:

There’s no metal that better signifies love and commitment—or strength, purity, luxury and longevity. Since 1975, Platinum Guild International (PGI) has recreated a passion for platinum jewelry by supplying information, practical advice, support and expertise to educate jewelry manufacturers, retailers and consumers about the superior qualities of this metal. As PGI evaluates the market, they get the word out about platinum and help businesses tap the endless power of the platinum brand. PGI-USA has chosen to highlight some of the leading manufacturers of platinum jewelry. For the first in a series about the industry’s most inspired leaders, The Jewelry Book spoke with Bruce Pucciarello of Novell Design Studio.

by Jessica Teisch for The Jewelry Book

Platinum has captivated Bruce Pucciarello, owner of Novell Design Studio, since he was eighteen years old. At that time, he was working at a big New Jersey manufacturer working in the precious stone cutting department, crafting bridal products on the precision-engineered, Swiss machinery. “I liked the designing and technical expertise that go into the manufacture of a quality product,” says Bruce. “It’s a wonderful combination of art and engineering, with always something new to learn.” In 1986, after gaining further experience as a designer and machinist (and following a side career as a professional musician), Bruce joined forces with Victor Novogrodsky and founded Novell Design Studio in New Jersey. Today, Novell, a high quality, made in America jewelry manufacturer specializing in bridal jewelry and bands, is renowned for its flexible customization capabilities.   
Novell started to specialize in platinum in 1988—and this metal soon defined the company’s core. Novell first designed some 18 karat gold rings with platinum inserts, which increased the average men’s band profit. “Our retailers liked that and so did we,” says Bruce. “Once we started making jewelry in platinum,” he continues, “there was never a good reason for us to stop.” After two decades of experience, platinum has become the hallmark of Novell’s manufacturing facility. “As we became more adept at working in platinum,” Bruce explains, “we realized that any time we develop a new design or concept, we had to make sure that it works in platinum.” Novell works platinum into every style and discipline, from machine-made to hand crafting and casting. Novell has distinguished itself so greatly in platinum that its craftspeople prefer to work with this metal over any other.

Because of the superior qualities of platinum and its success using it, Novell remains firmly committed to this metal—not only for its purity, durability and strength, but also for the market it continues to generate. “Technology makes platinum more viable than ever,” Bruce explains. “It doesn’t matter whether platinum costs $800 or $2300 an ounce; there’s a strong market for platinum jewelry, especially bridal.” When important retailers respond to consumer’s desire to purchase platinum, they sell more and increase profitability. “In this challenging economy,” Bruce stresses, “retail jewelers need to sell products that capture every penny from a consumer’s jewelry budget.” Platinum, unlike other metals, “helps smart stores get at that profit.” Manufacturers also benefit from platinum sales: they become better manufacturing facilities because they have to improve their overall level of expertise in order to craft finer platinum jewelry.
Bruce finds that with platinum, success and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. “As long as we can make available almost any piece of jewelry in any kind of metal, we will continue to lead with platinum,” says Bruce. In this economy, that’s no mean feat. With its cutting-edge technologies and ingenuity, Novell “wrote a new list of rules, Bruce explains, which dispelled many myths about platinum, such as its difficulty to work with and its high cost. All our rules start with the words – we can. . .”
That attitude, Bruce stresses, is key to succeeding in this difficult economy—as are other factors. The new economy will demand better customer service, quality products and a price that makes sense.  Bruce sees creating jewelry in platinum as a great foundation for the successful manufacturer in this new business world. Unfortunately, Bruce laments, “there will be no rescue plan for the jewelry industry. We need to work it out”—that is, we must strengthen local American companies and communities, with fair work and fair pay—“and not a bail out.” Instead of the Golden Rule (“he, who makes the gold, makes the rules”), Bruce posits the Platinum Rule as a guiding principle: “He who works effectively, and labors to make a durable product that is also an object of beauty, will thrive. That is the future of American jewelry manufacturing, so he makes the rules. He, who has the platinum, has the tools!” For the jewelry industry, there’s no greater truth for the New Year.


The state of platinum wedding bands in today’s economy.

The Winter 2009 issue of The Jewelry Book featured Novell platinum wedding band styles (from l. to r.) NQP157-6GPCX, P1800-4LC, PE2253-LC, NQP124-6GPCX and NQP63-6GPCX. These wedding bands were included in “Platinum Emboldens Inspiration,” an interview with Novell’s Bruce Pucciarello about the state of platinum in a challenging economy.


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Platinum wedding bands in as featured in The Jewelry Book.

Platinum wedding bands in as featured in The Jewelry Book.

Max Squared wedding bands in The Jewelry Book.

This feature was originally posted on Novell’s wedding ring blog:

The Fall 2007 issue of The Jewelry Book featured Novell wedding band styles from the Max Squared Collection — (counter clockwise from top right: MAX3500-10GCY, MAX3518-10GWPK, MAX3519-10GT, MAX3501-9WPK, MAX3502-10GT, and MAX3503-9GT).

Download The Jewelry Book article.

Max Squared wedding bands as featured in The Jewelry Book.

Max Squared wedding bands as featured in The Jewelry Book.