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Security Jewelers has great gifts for Valentines Day.

Security Jewelers, one of Novell’s long time and most reputable authorized wedding band retailers, is ready for Valentine’s Day. Let them help you get a jump start on the most romantic of all days with their special collection of Valentine’s Day gifts. Each featured Valentine’s Day items will ship free with guaranteed Valentine’s Day delivery when ordered by Feb. 9, 2010. But hurry! February 14th is right around the corner!

Here are a few interesting and affordable gift ideas:

Hershey's Kiss necklace - available at Security Jewelers.Hershey’s Sterling Silver Kiss Pendant with Free Chocolate
What is more symbolic for Valentine’s Day then a kiss? This perfect replica of a Hershey’s Kiss measures just over half an inch and is made from pure sterling silver with a natural diamond in the plume. The kiss hangs from an eighteen inch sturdy sterling chain. Adorn this necklace around your Valentine’s neck and you are sure to get a kiss of a different variety. And with every purchase, Security Jewelers will include a free tin of actual chocolate Hershey’s Kisses – what a sweet deal!

Give a Heart Necklace to Your Sweetheart
Since the most traditional expression of love is a heart, Security Jewelers features two specially priced hearts that are sure to make a hit this Valentine’s Day. The floating heart necklace features four diamonds and dangles from a sixteen inch sterling silver chain. This necklace, from Hot Diamonds of Britain, also includes a two inch extender. At only $100, you really cannot go wrong.

Security Jewelers’ 14kt gold diamond heart contains .15 ct of round diamonds and is an elegant choice for your loved one. At the price of $145, it truly is a great value.

Learn more about  these gifts here.

More about Security Jewelers
Security Jewelers was founded over 80 years ago by Jack and Jerome Seiler. Although Jack and Jerome are no longer with us, their children and grandchildren preserve the tradition of carrying the very finest in jewelry and gifts, along with the finest service and the best prices. Security Jewelers is located at 307 West Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota. Visit for more information. And be sure to ask to see the latest Novell wedding bands while you are there.

Thoughts about choosing a tungsten wedding band.

Top online retailer, the extremely popular website that sells everything from books to jewelry and beyond, regularly highlights best selling items in each of it most popular categories. And as jewelry industry expert Cheryl Kremkow recently pointed out on Twitter, “…only two of twenty five items on Amazon’s bestseller jewelry list are above $50, [with the] top price [being] $59.99 for small gold hoops.” So with today’s economic condition, consumers for are looking to purchase moderately priced jewelry items.

An interesting item to notice is a featured tungsten carbide wedding band that is selling for just $49.99. The highlighted design is 8mm wide and has a carbon inlayed center. There is a similar design with a beveled edge selling on for even less – $39.99. However, has a very similar design priced at $179.00.

So maybe the question is this – what is the true value of similar tungsten wedding band products? If all of these items are truly similar (i.e. the same weight, millimeter and features), why does the price range from $39.99 to $179.00? And at first glance, weight and thickness difference do not seem to vary with the common tungsten wedding band styles being featured online today.

Precious metal wedding bands can certainly be sold at different weights or thicknesses with varying prices but not with the disparity in prices of Tungsten.

Platinum wedding bands featured in new video.

Some of Novell’s highly publicized platinum wedding bands are featured in a snazzy new video created by Platinum Guild International.

Platinum really is the premium metal for wedding bands, engagement rings and jewelry in general. Platinum is strong and durable, so a diamond set in platinum is secure; it really is a great way to protect your diamond investment. You may have to pay a little more for platinum now, but you literally get a piece of jewelry that will last a lifetime.

Novell’s brand new platinum video is also available on

Shopping for jewelry from HIS point of view.

“It’s a Man’s World,” a recent video from the bridal publication and online wedding portal Engagement 101, provides insights and tips about shopping for jewelry from the man’s point of view. This short video is full of advice for the guy that may be nervous or unsure with a jewelry, wedding band or engagement ring purchase. “It’s a Man’s World” has practical information that any man can use.

Here’s more in-depth information from Engagement 101:

The newest episode of Engagement 101 TV is all about men. The webisode delves into several manly topics, such as who should pick out the engagement ring (the guy or the girl), what guys like about women and what they do when they want to turn on a little romance.

The video features several well-known jewelry designers, such as Rick Mulholland from Novell*, Mark Schneider from Mark Schneider Designs, Berge Abajian from Bergio and William Pung from Parade.

Shant Hovsepian from Danhov gives a little advice for clueless guys going engagement ring shopping, while Abe Abaci from Gelin Abaci talks about how he knows what women want.

The episode also includes several street interviews from average guys who talk candidly about love and making that daring step toward commitment.

*Disclosure – Novell is an advertiser with Engagement 101.

Charity bracelet benefits PAWS.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, has created a fun and versatile bracelet to help benefit PAWS, which stands for Pet Adoption and Welfare Services. While charity usually begins at everyone’s local level, this Murphreesboro, Tennessee-based organization strives to create a safe environment for both animals and people alike. PAWS also keeps an eye on local animal laws and the overall humane treatment of our little friends.

This charity bracelet is a sexy red silk chord with a nice sized14kt gold bead, and can be adjusted to fit most common wrist sizes. It can be worn with your fancy diamonds or to compliment your favorite jeans on a sunny afternoon. Don’t forget – 10% of each bracelet sold goes to assist the furry little critters of the land.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.

Charity bracelet sold by fashion jewelry blog Gem Gossip. Proceeds benefit the animal organization PAWS.

LA Times highlights new platinum engagement ring.

New engagement ring featured in LA Times.

New engagement ring featured in LA Times.

On January 6th, 10th and 11th 2010, LA Times included several ads featuring one of Novell’s upcoming platinum engagement ring styles. Novell is extremely excited about the preview press we have been able to receive from LA Times and look forward to launching the new bridal line in the very near future. While newspaper circulation overall is suffering in the United States, longstanding titles such as the LA Times, NY Times and Wall Street Journal still have their solid audience. In particular, special Sunday supplements dedicated to weddings and events like The Academy Awards perform extremely well. The Los Angeles area can also be considered a region of trendsetting consumers, so it makes complete sense that new products should be presented to future brides and grooms in this valuable area.  This platinum engagement ring will soon be available through an authorized Novell retailer. Please contact one for all pricing and manufacturing options.

Download the January 6th placement to present to a jeweler.
Download the January 10th placement to present to a jeweler.
Download the January 11th placement to present to a jeweler.

Gold or platinum roses from Steven Singer Jewelers.

Gold roses from Philadelphia's Steven Singer Jewelers.

Gold roses from Philadelphia's Steven Singer Jewelers.

Steven Singer Jewelers, a Philadelphia-based jewelry retailer that is an authorized Novell retailer, has a special item for Valentine’s Day. The store will be selling real long-stem roses dipped in 24-karat gold for $59.95, according to a related press release. For those who want some even more pure and precious, platinum-dipped roses also are available for $89.95. It is great to see a unique jewelry item for under $100.00!

For additional information or to purchase online, please visit Or read the entire article about Steven Singer’s long-stem roses on the National Jeweler website.

Steven Singer Jewelers
739 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Jewelry blog features Jewelry Made in America article.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip - a leading fashion jewelry blog.

Gem Gossip, a popular fashion jewelry blog with a unique view of current jewelry trends, highlights The Jewelry Book’s special feature – “Jewelry Made in America.” Novell has for a long time believed that the “Made in America” theme has a pronounced and longstanding value for domestic jewelry manufacturers as a whole; it is an important issue and a strong selling point in an age of inferior imported jewelry products. “Made in America” should without a doubt equate to quality jewelry for consumers that may be battling through a tough economy.

You can read the entire article entitled “The Jewelry Book: all for ‘Made in America’” on Gem Gossip.

Along with Novell, the blog posting also mentions fellow American jewelry designers/manufacturers Alex Sepkus, Mark Patterson and Jack Abraham. The entire issue of The Jewelry Book and be viewed online or downloaded in a PDF version.

Wedding band video shows Novell’s customization abilities.

This item was originally included in our Novell News section on

Novell Design Studio, an American wedding band and bridal jewelry manufacturer with over 22 years in the jewelry industry, is proud to announce the launch of its latest online video brochure. This brand new video illustrates Novell’s unique customization capabilities with several wedding band morphing segments set to original music. Any average consumer looking to purchase a wedding band can learn about what makes Novell different from nearly all other manufacturers; the ability to make almost all of their wedding band designs wider, narrower, in different metals (platinum, palladium or gold), with different finishes, and much more. Why settle for ordinary, when only the best American-made wedding bands and bridal jewelry should do?

Video shows that tungsten wedding bands can not be sized.

Have you been looking into choosing tungsten for your wedding band? Well, if you are, then you might wish to take a look at this demonstration video.

The  video illustrates that precious metals will indeed bend. Therefore, should you need you ring resized down the road, then this can be accomplished. And let’s face it – most Americans tend to gain or lose weight over their lifetime, and some may fluctuate quite a bit. So if you like to remove your wedding band but gain a few pounds over time, a precious metal wedding band can be adjusted. And precious metals can be refinished to look close to new as well.

Tungsten can not bend, although it can shatter. You can not size your tungsten wedding band. This is such a shame due to the fact that history shows that trends change quite a bit in the jewelry industry, and the manufacturer of the tungsten wedding band that you purchased may or may not be around in five or ten years. The same goes for any online wedding band website that may have sold you the ring. You should ask yourself a simple question – who will honor their exchange policy (if they have one) should I need a new tungsten wedding band in the future?

Wedding bands are symbolic of love that should last forever. And shouldn’t you be able to keep that original symbol of your love on your finger forever? A lot of consumers choose to upgrade their wedding bands over time, but many decide to keep their original wedding band on their hand for as long as possible. So protect your wedding band investment, and perhaps choose one created with a precious metal. After all, love is precious, and so should wedding band.

If price is really an issue during this tough economic time, then you may wish to consider palladium for your wedding band. Palladium is a naturally white metal that currently costs much less than white gold. While platinum is the premium metal for jewelry, palladium is a strong choice if platinum is not an option.

Should the relative price point of a tungsten wedding band be attractive, then why not consider Argentium Sterling Silver? Argentium Sterling Silver is easy to care for and does not tarnish easily. It is an attractive – if not somewhat new – option for your wedding band when looking for something that costs even less than palladium, but might be priced similar to the tungsten wedding bands seen on many popular websites (starting at $149.00). Spending a little more now is definitely beneficial over the long haul.

Need more help with choosing the right metal for your wedding band? Download our free PDF brochure – “Choosing the Right Metal for Your Bridal Jewelry.”

Platinum engagement ring in Glamour.

The December 2009 edition of Glamour highlighted Novell’s new platinum engagement ring style E2485-LC (pictured with a 3mm platinum wedding band). This design is part of Novell’s upcoming line of new platinum bridal jewelry, and has also been featured in JQ, LA Times, In Style and on

Platinum engagement ring as featured in Glamour magazine.

Platinum engagement ring as featured in Glamour magazine.

New platinum engagement rings and ladies wedding bands.

Novell is proud to preview selections from our upcoming bridal line. These featured engagement rings and ladies’ wedding bands are pictured in all platinum, but can also be specially created in palladium or gold as well. And like all Novell wedding band products, all styles in the new bridal collection are Made in America. Individual images with product details will soon be added to Novell’s consumer wedding band website and also to our retailer business-to-business section for 24 hour pricing availability and online ordering. Stay tuned!

Coming soon from Novell - new engagement rings and ladies' wedding bands.

Coming soon from Novell - new engagement rings and ladies' wedding bands.